It is 5.30 PM at Tank Bund !!

Yeah it is 5.30 pm and this is the time everyday I leave my office and go home. On the way to my house I have to par one beautiful place called Tank bund, it is a bridge built on the Hussain Sagar lake in Hyderabad.  I really love this evening time.  I can see the sun set in the orange color.    

Yesterday it was very different. I felt wow. I told my driver to go slow so that I can enjoy by watching the beautiful nature at Tank bund. The sky blue color of the sky slightly changed to little dark and that reflection I could see on the lake and it was very amazing thing, the statue Buddha is like welcoming the visitors from all the parts of the world, boats are floating in the lake with the passengers, white and black ducks are drowning and swimming while catching the fishes which is very awesome. It is looking like ducks are dancing in the lake with the joy. The lights around the lake is resembling  a beautiful lady with a diamond lack lace.  I was just admiring that view and spend much time there. On the other side there is a children park where the children are playing. I thought of play with them and spend with them but drizzling started. And now think how wonderful it may be, the rain drops on the lake it is like playing piano on the lake. 

If happens to come to Hyderabad don’t miss this place to visit at 5.30 pm. tankbund2


    1. Ceci

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  1. Barbara Radisavljevic

    I can relate to what you are saying. When I had to go home through wine country after dropping off packages at the post office, the sun was often going down. I marveled at the way the sky found a new way to be beautiful with each day’s sunset. When the sunset was especially stunning, I would pull off the road and take photos that often inspired blog posts.

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