It’s Really Hot In There!!

It never seizes to amaze me why people leave their children or pets in a hot vehicle!!  I guess since I’m a mom and an owner of a pet, I never leave/left my child or pet in a vehicle alone in a vehicle in the heat or even in the cold for that matter!!  If it’s too hot (or cold) for  me to be in a vehicle, my child nor pet will NOT be in a vehicle by themselves!!!


Since we take our dog with us every where we go some times is in a hot vehicle.  However, either myself or my husband is with her to give her water and to keep her cool, by either having the windows all open or having the ac on.  As in the winter time, we never leave her alone, nor do we have it too cold for her!!  The same of course applied to my children when they were little.  I never left them in the car by themselves, let alone left them in a car in the heat!!!


When hearing of a death of a child or an animal from being in a hot vehicle, I often have to ask why?  Why first of all, would anyone leave a child or animal in a vehicle unattended?  Secondly, why leave them in a hot vehicle?  Often times, the “excuses” are is that “I forgot!!”  How can you forget that you have passengers in your vehicle?  Also, who leaves their children or animal in a hot vehicle by themselves?  Doesn’t the person that’s “abusing” them know that a baby or animal can’t turn on the ac by themselves??


In my opinion those people for whatever reason, especially in one of the rest cases where the father in Georgia left his 15 month old twins in a vehicle when the temperatures were in the 90’s was apparently intoxicated be able to have children!!   To read about it go here  Now why would you have your children in your vehicle when you’re driving and drinking?  Then one wonders where the other parent is, but apparently in this situation the other parent was at the hospital!!  Still, there are NO excuses for leaving a child or pet in a vehicle when it’s 90 degrees!!  Don’t people use babysitters anymore?  I just don’t understand, other than they are just being lazy and NOT bringing their children or pet with them!!  Or maybe they just don’t realize that being in a vehicle in hot temperatures is hot??  Well, then they should be left in a vehicle with no way of turning the a  on or no way of opening the windows and let them see how hot it really is!!




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  1. Grecy Garcia

    It is like saying I misplaced the refrigerator.

    Oh no, I read this article in the internet and it shook my head a lot of times because I never thought parents could do that for their own child. This is really a sad news because in the first place everyone could avoid this to happen but it happened.

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