Jesus Came for the Sick and my Question, Are You Sick?

Studying the Bible daily makes me understand by the help of the Holy Spirit that the mission given to us is simple if we decided to do it. We don’t need to be good in verses nor Books in the Bible but it is how we extend ourselves to others. Jesus said that He came for the sick.

Sick are those people who are sinners. Everyone of us are sinners. When our first parents fall on the temptation of Satan, the sin was passed unto us. We lost the image of God in us and we continue to find our way to God alone but still we lost.

Without God in our life, it’s very difficult to go back especially each of us is guarded by evil one. He wants to prove that he cannot be defeated so together with what the world offer, the evil constructed many things that makes people busy to the world and some people who are searching for God is being victimized with the daily hardship and temptation send by the evil one to keep our mind away from God.

So, when we don’t give time to study God’s word, we will find out that we are lost again to the right track. Jesus came here for the sick, for the sinners and he emphasized to the Pharisee or to the fanatics of religion that He desire mercy than sacrifice and wisdom about God. So, he mingled with the Publicans, tax collectors and even to the Samaritan woman whom they thought a dirty woman.

His method in searching the soul is easy and effective. He showed sympathy for them. He feed them with spiritual and physical food. These aspect always go together.Doing so, the people had the confidence to Jesus. If we think that we are in the right track and we don’t need the healing spiritually and the love of God. We need healing and restored to God by accepting Christ our Personal Savior. To heal is to be a follower and believer of God. If we accept Jesus, we are a born again Christian.

A new Life. A life that is restored. We need to pray for the continuous guidance of the Holy Spirit so that our healing will be continuous. Once the Holy Spirit in us, we will live holy and the good works will be seen in us. Then God send us to do the same. Share the goodness of God. Tell that Jesus comes to seek for the sick, downtrodden, oppressed and weak. That’s our mission. To be a laborer of God and reach the sick and be healed with the power of the word and remain to be with God. Let us do our mission and we will be in victory trough the help of our Savior and the blessings of the Almighty God. I ask this in the name of Jesus, Amen. God bless all of us here in Blogbourne. May your life be blessed and happy this Tuesday. God bless.


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