Journaling as a Form of Therapy

Sunday, August 07, 2016

As I browse through old paperwork, I noticed an old magazine article from May 2000. It is about keeping a journal as a form of therapy for anger management and weight management as well as reducing depression and monitoring illness symptoms. I personally was never good at that because my diaries always seemed to skip and I never knew what to write about. Whatever I wrote sounded boring and stupid, and I eventually gave up with diaries.

It is a good idea to write about your stress and anxiety, whether private in your personal notebook or on the internet for maybe feedback and support from others. Such daily journal writing can lead to personal healing, awareness of certain issues, and personal and spiritual growth. And, if you are sharing it on the internet, then it might even help others who are suffering from similar issues or situations.

At the end of the week, read your journal entries and analyze how your habits are affecting you, whether good or bad. Then, find ways to improve your situation by getting rid of the negative habit, or turning these bad habits into good habits. The first step is accepting yourself the way you are, and then work from there, one step at a time as well as one day at a time.

Also, write about a traumatic or painful event in your life. After you write something, read it over, looking for strengths and possible solutions. Examples of traumatic or painful situations might include deaths, accidents, severe illness, or just witnessing something shocking.

Since journal writing can be a good way for meditation, light a candle, sit in a quiet place, and just write what comes to your mind about the situation that is troubling you. To help you further relax, make a cup of herb tea, and slowly sip your tea while focusing on your situation. Why does it bother you? How can you change the negative into positive and make the situation work for you? Where can this situation lead you if you just work with it? Moreover, make sure your journal entries are very detailed, writing everything about a situation. For example, pretend you are painting a picture, and list every detail in your situation in order to paint it. Notice the first three on your list, which are probably the most important.

Analyze your journal, and see what you come up with for effective solutions. And, make a list of possible solutions to try out. If one doesn’t work, then try another.


  1. Daisy

    I agree I used to write my happenings, how I felt about a certain person, post or news. Sometimes even my anger and sadness I would write. It does help relieve the pressure and stress.

  2. S.L. Luna

    Journaling is a good medium to vent out your stress, frustrations, rants, but also helpful in gaining insight t on events and situation. It will help you analyze your life challenges why they happen and the purpose of everything that comes to your life as you see yourself grow and turn your weaknesses into strengths. Very informative and helpful article for our personal journeys.

  3. Marsha Cooper

    I can agree that journaling good for us.
    Unless I am reading your article wrong, you are saying to track the things that make us angry or upset.
    I feel it’s much better to journal the things you are thankful for…the good things.
    I do sometimes rant and whine about something going on in my life on another website, and appreciate the support that I get from my “friends” there.

    1. Fifi Leigh Post author

      i think it is a good idea to write about the whole day, including everything, regardless if it is negative or positive, and when you are rereading the entries to analyze, you can decide what changes need to be made to improve situations.

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