Journey Back to Blogging

It’s been more than 2 months since I stopped writing blogs. At first, it was difficult since I have been used to writing for another site called BlogJob for 9 months, until they suspended the rewards program. Never had resentment with the site because the admin is a decent person and has a good heart. Unlike the sites back then which burned out tons of bloggers.


So how do I came to the world of blogging? Right back in 2013 when I am finding ways of earning online. Initially, I have skepticism since I knew my capability that I am not a writer, and never came to my mind to write articles. Nevertheless, I had given it a try, then here I am writing again. The first site I had written for was Bubblews, and at the same time with Teckler. Sad news came when Bubblews decided to change its policies which saddened a lot of its members. Other scam writing sites existed like CGP Gallery, Babblelife, and Bindspace, which none of them paid me even a cent after reaching the minimum. I also joined Write2Earn and Persona Paper, by which the rates put me off.


I stopped blogging for about a year until I learned about BlogJob last 2015, then the microblogging site myLot. The latter is still existent but decided to refrain from posting due to undesirable rates. I had successes with BlogJob but after some technical problems during site migration, it went down. However, it was reasonable and the guy behind it was a good admin.


Another site became known which is Literacy Base, but decided not to join because I found the rates too low. I have been an inactive blogger for more than 2 months and decided to stick to a social media app. Until I learned about this new site, I had excitement through my veins as I miss writing. I am very happy to finally write again through Blog Bourne and it is the beginning of my journey back to blogging. I do hope for the site’s success as well as its members.




  1. Grecy Garcia

    I am glad to see you here, actually I am very happy since most of the Blogjob members are here!! Again and again, we are just trying out the site.

  2. Vinaya

    I have account on Literacy Base, I even published couple of articles, however, am not active there. many people day it is a scam site.

  3. Lois Ryan

    I stopped with blogging back in 2014 when Associated Content (Yahoo Voices) shut down-I actually was making about $150 a month due to upfront payments and performance. I thought about posting my articles to Hub Pages once the site shut down and did post some. But they were only making pennies a day so I stopped. However, I did not stop writing. I took the articles I wrote for A.C. and Helium and started writing ebooks which I planned to sell through site such as Kindle Advertising. Then last year at the end of August, I found out about Blog Job. So I decided to publish there rather than go through publishing the ebooks. When Blog Job stopped their rewards program, I went back to working on the ebooks. Now I am back with BlogBourne.

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