June 25’2016 importance day to all pilipino

June 25,2016 is the  day of “change is coming” they say.Thus change must also come to the annual SONA of the president Rodrigo R. Duterte is set to deliver his first State of the Nation Address.Here are some ways’s this year’s SONA can be different and meaningful.

1. Stop the SONA red carpet and fashion show.There is something  terribly wrong when paid public servants strut around in design gowns and suits at work,while ordinary folks struggle to make ends meet.
2.Stop overkill security measures.The security measures of  the past is waste of public resources and a terrible inconvinience on commuters and motorists.Every years,Commonwealth Avenue is turned into a war zone because of the presence of thousands of policemen,backed up by soldiers,container van,razor-sharp concertina wires and firetrucks.

3.Don’t block the rallyists from getting near to the SONA venue.This is the simple solution to the heavy traffic. Rallyists also want to hear concrete program to solve poverty,underdevelopment,unemployment,human right and so on.Answer and program,not just sound bytes for the evening news.Keep it real, it’s called State of the Nation Address.It’s supposed to reflect our current situation.Don’t give us statistics on the so-called growth that’s not really felt by most.
The current president made many first during inauguration.He had no problem breaking the tradition.Let’s hope he does the same for his first SONA.


  1. Pat Z Anthony

    It does seem like a very important day. It seems the struggles there are the same in so many parts of the world. Those who have too much don’t seem to worry about those with too little!

    1. editha gungab Post author

      yes because most pilipino is hoping phillipines will change by our new president.

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