Keep a Backup Always of What You Write for the Web

As far as I could remember I had written more than thousand posts in the defunct Bubblews. Just a snap of a finger, I lost them unaware, unprepared. I became upset, full of hate and felt cheated. What else could I do? Nothing. However, I always had a feeling of optimism. Since the day Bubblews totally went off in web circulation, I hade made up my mind that it won’t ever come back. And I was right.

I regret that I wasn’t able to have a backup of all posts I have written. In my one-thousand-and-one thoughts, no not one had cropped up. However, I was compelled to save some of my latest posts due to frequent glitches of its system such as server is unavailable, page couldn’t be displayed, among others.

Now that’s the lesson I have learned. It is a waste of time to redo your write-up when it goes weird or becomes unavailable in the site. I try to recall what I have written and come up with another version rather than the original one. It is an ordeal actually.

Keeping a backup of what I have written and submitted to the site saves myself from unprecedented trouble, hassle, and inconvenience. Are you doing it too?


  1. Suny

    I suggest you to do the same on this site because I have not been credited for my last 2 posts but when I deleted one of them the system reduced from my last balance. I lost 150 points in the process.

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