Keep away electronic gadgets while sleeping.

The quality of your sleep has a lot to do with light, both outdoor and indoor lighting.

Normally, your brain starts increasing the hormone melatonin around 9 p.m., which makes you sleepy. Melatonin acts as a marker of your circadian phase. It helps in regulating your sleep pattern and make you sleepy in the night. This helps in the prevention of cancer too. Red lights will not suppress melatonin. Whereas green, blue, white lights will suppress melatonin. The light from your computer screen or smartphone is enough to interfere with your melatonin production.

Children who use electronic gadgets, get fewer hours of sleep in the night and will be having daytime sleepiness.

Sending texts by mobiles after going to bed increases daytime sleepiness. If you have a television in your bedroom, you may be having more difficulty in going to sleep.

People exposed to radiation three hours before their bed time, have trouble in sleeping.

You should switch off all electronic gadgets in your bedroom to get a good night’s sleep.

Impaired sleep can

Damage your immune system.

Cause tumour cells to grow in your body and inhibit the production of  cancer cells in your body.

Poor sleep in the night may cause memory impairments.

All human beings need eight hours of sleep in the night. The sleep timings should be 10.00 p.m. to morning 6.00 p.m.

Expose to some direct sunlight in the early morning.

Do not use electronics at least one hour before going to bed.

Install a low voltage yellow or red light in your bedrooms.

Avoid night duty, even if you get a high pay, because in long run, your health may get affected due to this and you may have to spend more money.

Sleeping less will affect your stress hormones called ‘cortisol’. You can use a Himalayan salt lamp after 7.00 p.m.



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