Keep Your Secret To Yourself

What secrets do you have? How many people know of these? You must think it is not a secret when it has become a public knowledge. The ones you have told may have a weakness of keeping a secret. Secrets may be itchinng them. It may be like a cough to them. They may not hide it.

“Your secrets are safe inside your chest. Walls have ears if you involve a second or third party. I have realized that secrets itch to come out. Maybe they are comparable to a baby whose time to come out of the womb has reached. It has to come out anyway.

Once the secret comes out it is as if a big burden has been let off your chest. The secret comes out with damaging consequences. You may want to recall it back but you cannot. Milk once spilt cannot be recovered. Be grateful that people do forget. They soon forget but you live with the nightmare that the secret was let out.

Take these three pastors who wanted to tell each other their secrets. One was weak where women were concerned. His mouth watered when he saw any lady. His knees became weak. He had just to turn the lady into his lover. That is when he rested only to pounce on another. He devulged that he had slept with most of the women in his congregation. The other two pastors listened keenly.

When it came to the second pastor, he said his weakness was with money. He had withdrawn money from the church kitty and was almost empty. He had borrowed money left and right. The other two pastors listened in awe. He had borrowed from the butcher, grocery and others. The pastor at times stole money.

The third pastor started weeping. He cried bitterly. The other two pastors  tried to calm him down with difficulties. When he calmed down he had these to say.

He had no self control where secrets were concerned. He cannot keep any secrets. Every Dick and Harry will know what has transpired in this meeting. They will know of the first pastor‘s weakness in women. Those who cared to listen will hear of his affairs and exploits. They will also know of the second pastor‘s money problems.

The other two pastors were now seeing with their mouths. Wonder and bewilderment was written all over their faces. They could no longer withstand these.

They fainted.


Featured image/stevepb/pixabay


  1. Gil Camporazo

    Once the secret is revealed, it means anything either good or bad. Secret could be categorized into three as far as I am concerned. The first is kept for fun. It won’t last long. The second is classified. It could be divulged on a later time. And the last is top secret. It goes with the keeper of the secret. However, it won’t work still if anyone would connive about it. Secret is usually handled by two persons. Any of them would become a squealer or otherwise.

  2. Your Seldom Majesty

    If he tells these things that are bad I am sure he is best to tell things that are good.
    Consciousness make bad people tell out what wrongs they did.
    serve them right.

  3. Jo Pin

    A secret shared by two is not a secret at all. Why take the risk of telling others about your secret if you know nothing can be kept once you shared it to one.

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