Knowing Your Oral Health Condition

Greater Risk On Poor Oral Hygiene

As early as a few months old, babies’ mouth are kept clean by their moms using a soft cloth soaked with water. At the first sign of a tooth, a baby toothbrush should be used to ensure that the milk or other food debris would not lodge on its surface or in between teeth. There are various dental procedures that can be done to have that perfect smile. And the most common is by having an oral prophylaxis every 6 months. Along with it, filling of cavities can be done as well as placing of prosthesis when badly damaged teeth have been extracted. But there is one kind of procedure which could prevent your decayed tooth from getting extracted.




Every dentist’s main goal is to help preserve the natural teeth and maintaining the good oral condition. In some worse cases when preservation can no longer be possible, extraction is the last resort. However, if a tooth is still salvageable root canal is the treatment of choice. Root canal treatment is a procedure wherein the damaged pulp is completely pulled out and is replaced by a filling material called gutta-percha. This procedure would make your teeth look like your normal teeth although over time, it can have some discoloration because the tooth is practically dead. Now there had been some findings that the root canal treatment seems to do more harm than good. This procedure has been carefully studied for years to help preserve the natural alignment of teeth, for better mastication and for aesthetic purpose. But just recently it has been found out that although there was a dental filling placed into the space where the pulp is to prevent the infection of the gums and its surrounding tissues, there are tiny tubules who may not have been sealed and which could serve as a vehicle to transport the normal oral bacteria into harmful toxins that could spread into the blood stream. That being said, the toxins formed can contribute to some diseases like heart disease, kidney disease, and even cancer. With that fact now out in the open, how else can we preserve our teeth if root canal would be eliminated from being one of the dental procedures that we can have? The answer? A better and more effective dental hygiene should start in our homes. And probably, the government should also extend efforts in creating a program that will provide free dental checkups and treatments to the people on a regular basis. Expensive? Probably, but it is something that we should do to keep ourselves free from possible illnesses. Remember, although we can use prosthesis to replace lost teeth, it is still better to have a full set of natural teeth.

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