“Law Of Attraction” Theory

So, I’ve been reading about this theory..”Law Of Attraction.”  Come to find out, that about the last 15 years I discovered this theory.  During this time was also when I regained my faith again.  I was a single parent raising 3 children on my own.  I was having problems with my older son getting into trouble with the law.  There were other things that were also going on at the time.  Like just being a single parent raising 3 boys on my own came worries and struggles of providing for my children which often times would consist of working 2 jobs!!


Anyway, I’m not seeking attention for being a single mother.  For me, some times it was a struggle and that’s when I began thinking why are “bad” things happening to me?  Why is God not making my life easy, which lead to the doubting of my faith.  It was then that I learned that when I was going through the struggles I wasn’t alone, God was with me.  I just was so stuck on my problems and never getting a break, that I never realized that all I would have had to have done was to realize that God was right there with me.  He would have helped if I would have just asked for help!!


So, once I realized God was with me, my life became better.  I didn’t doubt what was going on, I just knew there was a reason for it and that I would make it through it.  That lead me to believing in thinking positive thoughts.  My problem before was that I was doubting and was believing in negative things, so naturally, the results were negative.  I wasn’t applying myself.  Once I started believing in the “positive” of any situation, I got positive results.  Of course thinking positive, you may have to work at it, but it’s worth it!!


So the moral of the story is when you’re having problems, think for positive answers, think positive and you will get positive results!!


  1. marilou luzon

    Same here, I can relate for being a single mom and the feeling of sometimes carrying the world, just have faith and believe in Him, He won’t let us down 🙂 cheers!

  2. IcyBC

    I had the same experience when I handed my life over to God! He sees me through so many things. I am glad that we turn back to God!

  3. Vinaya

    I think I will have to stop thinking about laws of attraction because I am already tied with a woman. : P

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