Leaving Behind a Legacy

Leaving Behind a Legacy

A legacy is all we need to leave behind when we are gone. There are many things which we do in this world. One day we shall be no more. Try to leave a legacy behind.


We do normal actions on this world. We eat, sleep, wake up and do work. Is that all we need to do? Others love, hate and do all the normal things that they do. Is that all we need to do. Try to leave behind a legacy.


Doing well has escaped many people. They enjoy doing bad things to others. They kill murder and rob. Yet one day they will be no more. The world that they have eliminated people from will finally eliminate them. Was it worth it? Try to leave a legacy.


The world is big enough for us all. It is worthy of kings and beggars. It is good for the rich and poor. It is enough for all of us. If we leave you with the whole big world, will you be contented? Will you be happy? Or loneliness will kill you? Try all you can to live as you leave a legacy. Yes, it is all you are worthy of doing.


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