Let’s be friend with all of you

As we all known, BlogBourne is the new site, just set up lately, and has not more than 1,000 members yet even paid out any payment to it’s member.

But, I love this site, I met some of the old friends in Bubblew glory time and some new friends here.

As the blgBourne is till new, as at today the number of members  only at about 202.

Thus, I love to be friend of all the members here.

It’s a magic in behind that pulled us here, I believe. So, it is really a good reason for me to be friend to all of the members.

Don’t you think it is good for all of us be friend? We write here, share our idea here, and have fun here, and share the profit here.

So, I personally sincerely hope that this BlogBourne site would be a small circle filled with positive energy , positive thinking,  encourage each other in our life.

Last but not least, I would like to urge all of my friend here, let me be friend with you, and let us be  friend with each other!

This would be my sweet dream here, what do you think?



  1. Vinaya

    If we become friends, read and comment on friends’ work, the site will continue to grow.

  2. BrendaMarieFluhartyClapp

    Many of the writers here I have known from other places. I have made many new friends as well. I read and share articles all the time. As I read article from writers i don’t know, we become friends.

  3. Marsha Cooper

    It’s nice to be connected to you. Yes, I see many from bubblews as well as other writing sites I have belonged to.
    I only have 2 posts up, but have another one coming soon.

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