Life in a New City….


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Hello Everyone !! This is my first post on this blogging site. I am really excited as its been more than a couple of years that I have written something. Of course, we all belong from the same root of a tree. You guys must have understood what I am talking about. Well, I thought to share few things with you guys as I am living away from my family for the very first time in my life and believe me, its so damn tough to live without your family in an all new place where you know absolutely nothing about the city and its people.

Life has been full of ups and downs for me here in the new city too. There are many challenges I have faced till now and are yet to be faced by me in the future as well. It has surely helped me to stay strong in the toughest of the situations and is preparing me to remain the same ahead as well. As it is truly said by someone that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. I completely believe it to be true. Sitting in the shade of your home and in the comfort of your parents will never teach your anything.

Life in a new city is very challenging for me and of course, I am very well aware of the negative points now. But that doesn’t mean I’m expert in handling crunch situations now. I am still learning as the learning process never ends till you are living your life. I am quite thankful for the opportunities I am getting here till now. It is surely making me as a better person for the future. So here I am trying to live happily in a new city and I know I will succeed in it. Believing in your capabilities is what I have strongly learned being here.


    1. Karandeep Singh Jolly Post author

      Yes, life becomes much more challenging but it is good to have such an experience once in your lifetime which will make you strong from inside to handle any crunch situation.

  1. Barbara Radisavljevic

    Settling into a new community is always hard until you have made some good friends. I’m glad I did not have to move too far from my parents until I was in my thirties, although I did live on campus for my last two years of college. Even then, my parents were only about 90 minutes away if I needed them.

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