Life Is About Taking Chances…

This weekend our oldest son got married and this is a picture of the wedding party.  (The sign says Last Chance!)  I believe we take chances all the time in our lives, some maybe just a choice and some are hard decisions.  We have “last” chances, that hopefully are really our last chance at some thing that we have wanted but either never got before or we just settled for something else.  Hopefully this will be our sons “last” chance of finding some one he loves.  (He was married one time before.)


Some times it’s hard to take a chance as we maybe have been through a similar situation before and it didn’t work out.  Or maybe we just don’t want to leave our comfort zone!!  There can be many reasons why we don’t take chances.  Life is all about taking chances though.  We might not even know we’re taking them and some chances are harder to make than others, but we’re all taking chances.  Some times we debate about taking a chance on something, but I always like to think what is the worst that can happen?  Probably some one will say no, it won’t matter or it doesn’t change anything.  However, if you think positive of what could happen…the possibilities are endless!!  I think though for the most part why we may not take a chance is because we’re comfortable in what we may already  be doing.  If you don’t take a chance though, you could always wonder “what if?”


I know looking back in my life I realized I should have taken more chances, especially when it comes to the jobs, if I would have just stepped out of my comfort zone.  There are times, I think “what if” and how would have my life been different had I taken that chance?  Some times, you might be able to have several chances to change some thing.  Now even though I wonder what my life would be like now, had I had taken those chances, I’m still glad at the way my life has turned out and I would change a thing.


So, if you’re ever faced with making a decision of taking a chance, go for it!!  It might be your “Last Chance” so you want to make it your best!!  Life is full of chances and if you don’t take a chance, if you’re lucky enough you might be given another chance, because life is about taking chances!!


  1. Marsha Cooper

    Life seems to be so much chance so much of the time.
    Kind of like the saying about luck and how you bring your own.
    The best to your son with his marriage.

  2. Rex Trulove

    Though I’ve never been a risk seeker, I take chances all the time and I pray a lot about it. I trust that through prayer, I’ll get an answer regarding whether I should not take a chance, and I always do get that answer in one way or another. I’ve also found that the greater the risk, the greater the potential rewards. David slew Goliath with just five stones and a sling. Goliath was a giant and a seasoned warrior who was considered to be undefeatable. David took a huge chance, but he had faith and didn’t waiver. He not only won, he became King.

  3. Shavkat

    Whenever there is a chance, I took all the chances. There is nothing wrong to chase once’s dreams. If it failed, then it is a part of learning process.

  4. Gil Camporazo

    I never take any chances. I know life is full of opportunities and opportunities knock only once. Anyway, what the Lord has given me I nurture it to the best of my ability under His inspiration and guidance, and I succeed.

  5. Jo Pin

    Taking chances has also some risk yet how can we know what lies ahead if we don’t take the chance or risk. I missed a lot of chances in life but I do not regret them anyway. Congrats to you son’s wedding.

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