Limited Money Making for Single Parents



Im a single mom and I’m raising  my kids alone that is why I’m trying very hard to earn some money online while I’m taking care of them but really very difficult to work when your time is always limited because there is nobody that can help me to take care of them.


So even if I wanted to work all day I cannot make it because of my responsibility the result is I cannot cope with our needs because I only have a short time to work online plus working online is not a lot of money but it helps me a lot rather than nothing because I cannot have a regular job as an employee due to no one that can take care of my children.


That is why in every payday I’m always struggling how to budget when I have 3 students that are needing school needs daily.I wish that I can work longer and I can have an enough income working site to sustain our needs.


Im hoping that this site can be the answer to my prayers but usually I know the fact that online sites don’t really last but who knows this site  can be one of the solutions.


    1. Kyuminette Post author

      Writing is a good way of extra earning its not that much but its helpful.

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