Listen To The Sound Of Silence

The heart and the ears and all the senses are the instruments we use to achieve in listening to the sound of silence, which is a mental exercise of being, an act of detention, of contemplation, a peaceful dose of nature, an activity of being quiet and aware.  It is the toning down of sound and also the absence of an expected sound. Silence is believed as a sound itself.


Silence is the positive kind of hearing. It is to activate our passive soul. It allows us to hear the magic, the enchantment of nature. It is the moment you will feel your heartbeat, your breathings, your thoughts. It can nourish the soul to manifest into being that can hear and discern God’s message. As Mother Theresa says that “In silence, we will find new energy and true unity”.


The key in finding the sound of silence is to practice. A masterly done by many religious people by educating themselves by being quiet. Meditation is a powerful key to listen to the sound of silence.  A visit to a church can evoke emotions that generated by the holy, old, and quiet ambiance of the place.  The libraries can initiate in calming the mind for a person to engulf all the learning exercise. A walk in the forest can activate the longing sensation of experiencing the sound of nature. The stillness of the night when we can finally rest.

The sound of silence is peace. A reflection. Peace on your behalf. Inner peace. It gives a total awareness of human conditioning. It is the wisdom of the world that has finally befallen into your hands by which you have not noticed before, it is because of the human sounds created by technologies made by intelligent people in our modern day.

I believe that the people that have lost or born with no hearing are the lucky souls that always speaks from their hearts and can listen to words from silence. It makes them special because they can hear the voices of nature. The songs of angels. And most of all, they are relieved from all the words and stories that shattered human mind. They are simply sheltered from all the hardness the world could give by means of hearing.



Truthfully, it is almost impossible not to hear a sound, and so our wish for silence is beyond our reach because silence is a sound too only, calming and soft and very nature.



  1. Gil Camporazo

    For the sound of silence is your own conscience. In the scriptural point of view, it is the spirit of Jesus Christ which tells everyone on what to do according to the will of the Lord.

    1. Gil Camporazo

      Yes if we in tune with the Spirit. We are guided on what to do. The Spirit is with us if we are doing good, obedient to God’s commandments.

    1. Gil Camporazo

      Silence is felt when you thoughts are free. There is no guilt within you. if you know how to meditate, silence is terribly and wonderfully experienced.

  2. Gina M. Menorca Post author

    You are right. It is an effort to hear the sound of silence because of our modern day. A man made a sound proof room where he can escape daily noise and find his quiet moment.

    1. Gil Camporazo

      Sound of silence is taken in its idiomatic interpretation. Physically, silence couldn’t be heard for it is an absence of sound. The sound of silence is the thought that comes to you from the atmosphere totally enveloped with silence.

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