Listen to your Body

I used to keep everything I feel. I always said to myself that it will pass. I had a recurring fever and I never thought it is a sign that there is something wrong. When I found it out, I had a bleeding. If during those times when I had fever I able to be checked by the doctor, I will not get severe. It was the longest struggle of pain and despair. If only I listened to what my body is saying I able to do something immediately. 

There are lot of things I lost. I lost my time to be focus on what I need to be focus on. I lost some of my friends because they avoid me for the reason of funds. I lost my faith with myself because in the first place, I was the one who lets me down. I have been very hard headed and assumed everything will be fine. In the middle of bleeding, I keep on conditioning myself that it will be gone tomorrow, but I was wrong. 

It is all my fault for not listening to my body. This is one of the lesson I learned the hard way. My advise, if you are feeling uncomfortable, there is still pain despite rest and medication, then your body is telling you there is something wrong. Have yourself be check. Prayers and faith comes after. What matter is that you specifically know what is happening to you so that you can plan the next move you will do. You need to get heal, that is the result you should be aiming and not losing yourself in the middle of it. 

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