Live While Your Living

There are people who have been through with life. Problems arrived not only once a day, but a numerous one. You solve one, you get another, sometimes another two, so what are you going to do? Life is unpredictable. You will be up today, you will down tomorrow. Not just with your emotions, but with the status of your life. You never know it until it happens to you. What are you going to do about it?

Rivers keeps on flowing. Sun will continue to shine. Rain will pour from a deep cloud. There will still a storm and earthquakes, and different calamities. But after a calamity, when you are still breathing, you will still be living. You will still go to work. You will still be the mother of your child. The people around you will still need you. You will still love at the joke, pay all of your bills, work hard and be travelling.

In other words, life doesn’t stop by one single problem. Focus of what needs to be done, solve that problem and move on. Life is hard and it will be harder if you just stop and feel sorry of what you are going through. Pain is part of life and so as doing solutions and helping yourself to stand up again. No matter how painful the cuts it will heal. You cannot forget it but you need to forgive yourself and learn from it. 

You start again. Make everything as an inspiration to lift yourself. Apply the experience to another decision. Everything will be okay on the right time. You will understand everything and realized it change you to a better person of yesterday. Live while your living. That is life. 

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  1. Gil Camporazo

    I absolute agree with you on how to deal with our respective life. In one or two of my posts here I mention about man’s search for happiness. It all depends to everyone of us to find such happiness according to the Lord’s will.

  2. Grecy Garcia Post author

    @bestwriter I love your comments on my posts. I really appreciate adding quotes, thank you!!
    @jollykaran I miss you!! I will add that quotes to my notes. Same to you, good luck for the present and future!! Love to see you here.
    @nakitakona13 I must read that two posts of yours kuya. Truly right, everything according to the Lord’s will.

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