Love Beyond The Color of The Skin

Delightful complexion knows no boundaries,
one language of affection spreads like wildfire,
I’m in your arrears for generations.

My shades are plain,
transparent as pale oriel glass,
peering into my homeless soul.
The cold flutter of aura I sense.

Shivering pain of reflection
I gaze in dreadful twinge,
weak to decipher the complexion,
gray distance on a foggy daytime
I touch your weak palm.

Fading covering is tired and old
but the warm heart is young,
pulsating to eternal bliss.

Tender hue engulfing our thoughts,
as I rush to your consternation,
I snug you closely,
I hearken your weakened breath
like a faint pulsating fatigue beat.

Rejuvenate with a stroke of flecked radiated glow,
illuminate our decaying impermanent existence,
I stand in awe admiring your tone,
enlighten me more with your essence,
I stoop humbly with your grace.

Affectionately you stroke my cognition
I sensitively respond fondling your maw,
blissfully your physique retort with butterfly motion,
I catch your gesticulation with interminable assurance,
ceaselessly cuddled you amorously.

Radiant flush stupendous kindle
we utter a long soft whisper of amicable pleasantries,
a passionate grin animates your countenance,
succinct enough to encourage my yearning.

Deviate in hue but one in mode,
pleasures are indistinguishable,
the unvarying condition of shape,
thrusting the eminent tenacity,
fortified with tender  credence,
we roam in a conflagration,
expressing our unbiased color,
blazing vehemently, passionately,
dexterous devotion we slumber.

I have cherished your simpleness,
you guarded it with your vivacity,
your spectrum is an addictive aura,
spreading across my ocean of chimera,
you are a sparkling truth of stain
that exhilarates my rapture soul!

Vibrant emblazon stretch its pigment
dispersing from your affectionate provenance,
the fountain of expressions is the dawn
to where you lead me fastidiously
and breaks the impediment variegate
that able to freely cascade in the horizon
imbue with a genuine sense of axiom,
equally dissipated bringing joy unceasingly!


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