Love This Cooler Weather

I have to say that I am loving this cooler weather we are having. I have got a lot of work finished the last couple of days. Living with all of these critters the work never seems to stop. And at the same time I am trying to get some things cleaned up and reorganized around here.

So today did not start out well. The dogs argued about going out this morning because it was raining. But I got my way. Then the next thing was that I fed George, opened up the barn, and then went to feed the chickens. But poor George, I forgot to open his stall door. He let me know about it a couple of hours later when I took Bambi and Bunny back out to run. But he forgave me when I gave him a couple of alfalfa cubes.

The rain finally stopped so I got more of my weed eating caught up. While doing that I got distracted by our old fire pit. The next thing you know I had all of the rocks up and moved from around it. I also got one bag of trash out of the center of it. By the time that was done it was raining again. But that felt good on my sweaty skin. When I finally went back inside my hair was soaked but I felt refreshed.

This cooler air is supposed to stay around a little bit longer yet. So hopefully I can keep going and getting things done. I still need to clean my shed, move my work bench to the carport, plant my trees and bushes, and work the garden. Oh yes the garden. That is the one thing that I have not caught back up with yet at all. The round is getting muddy out there so I am trying not to go into it too much. But soon I am going to have to anyways. I now my white half runner green beans will soon be ready to pick again. I have cucumbers that are ready now also. I dont want to lose my watermelon and muskmelon either. They are getting close to being ready.

Oh now I have made myself tired. I did not think I had that much stuff to do. I am sure there is more too. Does anyone need a job? I will provide a nice home cooked dinner as pay and the dogs will give kisses if wanted.


  1. Sandy KS

    I am loving this cooler weather too. It finally cooled off with the rain. INstead of 90’s. It is low 80’s to high 70’s. Yeah!!

    1. Sandy KS

      Today seems to be another cool day. The AC’s are turned off. Doors opened.

  2. Gil Camporazo

    I know you’re such a good and kind worker to work with. You tire yourself of doing menial work and feel happy about it and get others inspired especially those who will work for you. I love a hug and kisses for a pay for they make my heart swell with happiness.

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