Making Writing Job Easier Thru WRITE Principle

My guideposts in writing which I adopt. I know everyone has their own way of expressing their thoughts in writing as there are types or classifications of writing. Essay writing has the rule to follow. Short story writing has different parts to consider. So as with other writing attempts.

In blogging, the style of writing is dependent on the experience of the owner/admin. He has the right to write anything according to his desire. But he wants it to compete with other blog sites which post a quality article and they earn much from the ads, he will be compelled to adopt that style too. Adsense is too strict in accepting would-be publisher if it doesn’t follow their rules. If the site is already Adsense enabled and has violated the conditions imposed, the site will suffer the consequence. It would be blocked and blacklisted. The appeal is slim to be considered by Adsense.

Anyway, that’s the reality. Well, for the sake making writing easy and ready to be submitted to the blog that pays the writer, allow me to suggest this to you. This is what I created and coined this acronym WRITE as a memory aid, easy recall.

WRITE Principle

It is a common situation of every writing that he faces the dilemma of when to start. This holds him back and procrastinates his writing attempt. Well, it is just simple. Don’t wait for inspiration. Don’t wait for someone to suggest or to coach you. Since this is your personal writing activity, take your “pen and paper” and WRITE.

First writing attempt is not perfect. It could be a scramble of ideas in incoherence manner. That first work is considered as a draft. You’re not a professional or perfect writer to write directly and publish it without undergoing changes and corrections for grammar error. So you need to see your draft, make some REVISION to make worthy for reading.

You’ve done your revision by checking those technicalities like the right choice of words, the verb and subject agreement, the relationship every paragraph and everything. Your work may be considered as bare for it lacks substance. This means there should be data, a source to make it authentic and authoritative. I am referring this to an INCLUSION of vital data or supporting information to give the reader the clear view of what is being talked or written about which is the topic or theme.

The next to consider is the TIME element which is very important. What you write today wouldn’t be readable tomorrow. And also the schedule when are you going submit or publish it or post it in the online writing site for a penny. Time, therefore, is an essence of one’s writing for its effectivity, for its readership, for its relevance.  Permit me to quote the mañana habit of a Filipino when regards to in doing the work. It says “do not wait for tomorrow what you can do for today”. In a simple sense, don’t procrastinate.

Finally, what are you going to do with your article? It sounds good. Everything is in order. It is now ready for publication, ready for submission. In doing so, you want your audience or target readers to have it for information, for education, or for entertainment. In short, you want to share it and I may term it as ENDORSEMENT. To whom are you going to share this and what means of sharing you want to use. This is where social media come in like the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, PinInterest for images, StumbleUpon, among others.

Do I sound simple? Could this principle help you in your writing activity? I know there are a lot of writing tips on the Web. My W.R.I.T.E. principle is just a product of my ingenuity and creativeness in teaching other (if they wish to adapt this) to make their writing job easier and simpler.

©7 August 2016, Gil Camporazo, Philippines


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    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      Copy and it is fully understood. Anyway, I am expressing my own unique way of aiding me for my writing job. I am not saying that principle is effective, workable; but it makes writing easier and comes to senses.

    1. Fifi Leigh

      i know, when i wrote my first novel in 2003, i read the whole novel for editing purposes, at least 10 times. i have never read a novel that much before, especially my own creation. Then in 2006, I finally decided to self-publish and just do it. enough is enough, and i was finally ready. i am happy with my editing because everything flowed well and moves smoothly. but i forgot to check for lame typos here and there. oh, well, everyone has stupid typos, including the novels that a paid editor supposedly edited. at least, i didn’t pay anyone to overlook my own lame typos.

    1. Fifi Leigh

      i am good with spelling and grammar, but i type wrong words or key in wrong keys by accident, that the typo isnt obvious right away. i often do that on my blogging posts. at least we have an editing button to go back later when we notice it and fix it.

    2. Gil Camporazo Post author

      Not necessarily if you have an editor. But if there’s none, you have to work it meticulously to strengthen your grammar and spelling.

  1. Daisy

    I procrastinate at times but when I start to write I write in my own way, sometimes like a story or like I am talking to someone. After I write, I go back to my article, check the grammar, spelling and the thought. I have the habit of thinking faster than writing. So sometimes I miss something and I either insert or delete. Then when I am happy, that is when I hit the submit but then sometimes I still see a mistake lol so I edit.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      I have experienced that too of fast thinking than in actual writing. But making a draft could serve the purpose.

  2. Daisy

    I hate making an extra draft it ruins my train of thought heheh I have to write as I am thinking of it or else I will forget

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      What a coincidence! That is my usual practice. I write as thoughts come. I only use a draft in case the Internet connection will bog down. At least I have still copy of what I am writing.

  3. Gil Camporazo Post author

    This principle I have formulated through an acrostic summarizes my simple technique in writing. This is supplement by my readings related to writing.

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