Managing by human values

While delivering sessions on human values, I sometimes brought out quotes and instances from sports actions so as to involve audiences in its strongest form of interactive presentations. Former Australian wicket keeper batsman Adam Gilchrist got heaves of praise for suo motto walking into the pavilion while batting after being out. He did not wait for umpire’s decision and then slowly moves out to the pavilion and it does show the incalculable values imbibed upon him and that makes cricket as the gentleman’s game.

Debate goes on for this veracity of these statements and introductions of such the state of human values and weightiest of human values within these specific circumstances. Whether such the state of extremely simple and nobleness should be there or not. Then, why there are umpires both sides o wicket to judge the batters out or not. If such the aspect of the state of cricket should be considered then, ultimately it implies various confusing statuses of functioning of human brains that is the most difficult to understand.

During glorious years of cricket dominance by Australia, we have seen the presence of sledging the unwarranted provocative actions by fielders to batters. This aims to destabilise the concentrations that batters take while batting and that makes their concentrations breaks and that ultimately could make the batsman out from the crease. This is also another form of functioning of human brains in similar situations which generate a plenty of debates. It is completely opposite to what it is in term of noble actions as well as the implications of sledging during these instances.

In realties, these forms of actions are not new. We have learnt these since our childhood days and continue learning these and provides awesome forms of actions and consequences as a result of this. It can be arguments that with the advent of modernity there has been constant degradation of values but it is a complete debate whether such presentations of values in relationship with present circumstances has any of the instances of beliefs which we should always cared for.

If there has been such instances of degradations of values then it is wise for all of us to learn how to build and recreate such instances so as to create one of most vital aspect of living where the times and perpetual presence of eternity comes about. We can accumulate so many instances of conglomerations of such values which can be recreated within each possible parameters with equal ease and prosperity but still we find plenty of such wonderful presence which can more and more be learned and understood within each possible realms of lives.

It is the human character that matters the most. Person can have so many birds in different lives but the management and mountainsides of such characters does pacify each possible decision making process and justify how does such continual search for existence could make the efficacies of such presence with huge form of anticipations and that makes entire purpose of human great with tons of experience and values. It has been always easier to talk about, cleansing of mind and making entire processes of mind full of nice and good characters, ultimately all these talks about lives and its corresponding intimacies could possibly empowers you to think that you are the principal of your brain and whatever you do with it should be dealt with extreme care and utmost presentations of wider forms of attachments that imbibes upon building up strongest possible character that should personify yours presence in its fullest form and capacity.


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