Mango valley: a short story

Entire area surrounds with a large number of green environment where the smell of freshness as well as the presence of large number of lush green trees enticed entire environment to provide one of the most revered and wonderful journey experience of all time. Bus was riding slowly on Hill Road due to the nature of the topography as well as the constant presence of serpentine movements of roads that make driving not so easier to anticipate. These bus drivers should have been from the local people as the manner they run these busses it seems one of the most difficult parts of the movement even difficult than that of the launching of the space shuttle. In between at some part of the journey we reached at the place nearer to one of the valley where the bus stops for some moments and the conductor also announced anyone can take some snacks or other foods in and around these shops out there.

That valley was at the top of one mountain and it is plain land and from here the road touches to another mountain and for sometime it seems we should be going to downward slope and then slowly moving into upward slopes out from there. I moved out that market, which is nearer to the road and surprised to find out some of the rarest forms of mangoes out there. Most of these mangoes are from neighboring garden and most of these are developed automatically and maintained automatically out there. The tastes of such mangoes are so delicious that it is almost difficult to depict the taste of these mangoes. There are some local foods out there but it seems distantly that there is lesser hygienic part of it and for this I have not bought these foods out there. I bought some packaged biscuits and stood nearer to road side and the bus and watched the beautiful nature from the distance with its glorious and marvellous presence of wonderful beauty.

I watched that on the other side of roads to native people out there were seating on the ground and selling some rare herbs presumably collected from far and distant jungles and from the very look it seems that these are collected from the jungles. Looked out from there and there is urged to buy these but I controlled the emotions to buy these and then I reached the bus as the driver siren the horn out there. Bus then move downwards as it is trying to reach the other mountain which is presumably lower than the one we are currently in. When the bus rides down it seems as if we are inside of flight and the bus slowly moves downwards and the feeling of falling into blank spaces comes about and it seems one of the most wonderful experience related to hill ride ever. For some time the bus moved into the attached valley regions corresponding to two hills and continues to provide one of the awesome ways to manage the journey. During the two kilometers rides within the perimeters of the valley I could find the presence of two big mountains at the both sides of it with the probable presence of stipulated anticipation of large number of trees out there during that journey.

In between some branches of trees touching the hood of the bus and that creates some sounds and there has been complete silence of humans out there but the sounds of birds, winds, and leaves just been amazing to see and enjoy. Here, I could find the presence of large number of natural habitats and the air flowing in and around those places is simply amazing to see and enjoy out there. Bus slowly moves with comfortable speed and the speed during the course of a journey in and around the places of the valley is good and entire place is full of birds and leaves an amazing presentation of life out there. Then the start of another phase of the journey where the upward slopes begin and that mountain should lead to another mountain which should be the highest in this region and on the top of it and while reaching as it slowly we should be reaching there. From the distance. It looks like the place which should be difficult to find out but still the journey to reach this place were at the top of the highest mountain and surprisingly that place has the valley at the top of it an interesting place indeed.


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