Marriage isn’t always easy

After my high school graduation I moved an hour away to go to college. After my second year I quit so that I could go to work full time.
During my first year, I met my husband and we started dating. Then after that year I moved in with him.
We were together for about 2 years and then his depression and bi polar stuff got seedo bad that he had to spend 120 days in a state hospital. This was our first trial.
When he got out, he came home and he was put on disability and I continuedto work.
The day before my 22nd birthday I found out I I was pregnant. A month later we got married. This really made his mom mad!
The next several years were a lot of hospitalizations. Then, a week after our daughter’s first birthday, he left the kids and I. I found out later that he did it because he was planning suicide.
I had nothing, so I had to buck up and call my dad. He made me move home and then made me go through a divorce. This is the only way he woulx help me. So we did the divorce.
Six months later and with treatment my husband called and wantedto come back home and help with the kids. So, I told him that I would love the help!
He came home and cared for the kids and took care of the house. He tried to go to work at different times, but it never lasted.
When my last son was born we were having issues about his drinking and he ended up back in the hospital. This time though he was not faithful. I knew something wasn’t right when a lady in the hospital kept calling for him. He finally told me when he had therapy. This has caused some manor trust issues.
Then about a year later our oldest son had done some stuff and was removed from our house and put in DCF custody. He was there for about a year and a half.
Instead of letting it tear our family apart, it brought us all closer together.
I thank God every day that he is working in my life.
My husband has now been working for the county road and bridfe department for almost 2 years! I am so proud of him and thankful for what God has brought us through as a couple. We are even able to help others through our experiences.


  1. Pat Z Anthony

    Many people really do not understand the trials of those living with this-including the family and friends around those who have actually been diagnosed.

  2. N Sri Naga Jyothi

    oh god and thanks to god that you and your family happy after many struggles, You have lot of patience. Yeah we must tell the people about our experience, this may help in other’s life. thanks for sharing a bold experience of yours.

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