Members of Our Family…

In one of the forums (I think) was a post about our pets and how we treat them. Well, we have two pets, our dog Pandora. She is a cross mix of Boxer and Lab. We have had her since she was born (literally) as my husband helped deliver all the puppies. I think there was 7 or 8 puppies. The momma was deaf. My husband used hand signals and taught the dog those signals even though she was deaf. WE have trained Pandora with hand signals as well as voice commands.

Pandora isn’t just a dog, she is part of the family and we take her every where with us.  So yeah, you could say she’s a “social butterfly!!” lol  At night, when my  husband may need to be out of town, Pandora is my ears as I wear hearing aides and at night I have to take them out.  Without my hearing aides, you  might as well call me deaf! lol  So, Pandora will let me know if there is something invading “our” territory and that I should get up and look.  People that even know Pandora, have “tried” to sneak up and she will alert me, because she can sense that I can’t hear.


We also have a rooster, Rooster Cogburn who is also a member of the family.  Now, Rooster Cogburn is not any regular rooster.  We already have a “regular” rooster, Rock!!  No, Rooster Cogburn became our “pet” after a stray dog attacked him!!  Before my husband could get to Rooster Cogburn, the stray dog broke one of his wings.  It was in the winter and we kept it for a while, but the hubby thought it probably wouldn’t survive.  We kept it in the enclosed lean to and fed it and watered it.  He kept alive and then one day his wing fell off!!  So we figured if he survived a dog attack we would keep him!!  He just roams around our yard and stays close o the chicken pen/chicken house.

When it’s night time, my husband will put him in the enclosed lean to and pets him until he is asleep.  It’s like he purrs and talks to us in chicken language!! lol  I know most people would think that Pandora and Rooster Cogburn are just animals, but they  both definitely have personalities!!  Btw, Pandora gets alone well with all of the chickens.  When you pet one or the other of them, the other one gets jealous!!

0126161456b     Yeah, Rooster Cogburn even comes into the house!!


  1. BrendaMarieFluhartyClapp

    A rooster is an interesting pet. But, it really doesn’t matter what type of animal your pet is. I think most pet owners see their pets as a part od the family. I have a dachshund, she was a shelter dog and she is the fourth member of my family.

  2. Sandy KS

    Oh I am glad you took extra care to help that rooster. I am sure he knows it and appreciates it very much. Animals are good at that. Better than people.

  3. JoDee Stout Post author

    @rusty2rusty, I really think they do!! I feed the animals every day, so Cogburn will come near the trailer and do his crowing as if to tell me he’s hungry!! Then he follows me out to the chicken pen where I feed him and the rest of the chickens!!

    One time we were going some where and we were loading up Pandora. I look down and here comes Cogburn running to us. I had this vision of Pandora, Cogburn, my husband and me in the cab of the pickup!! lol

  4. Claire

    Pets will always be like family members. I always forget that my cat is a cat and often think of him just as a member in the family! I love the fact that you have rooster as a pet. Beautiful!

  5. Grecy Garcia

    Hello Cogburn, Hello Pandora, Hello sissy! I know this story by heart and it is worth reading because I am an animal lover and this is my favorite topic.

  6. IcyBC

    I didn’t think a rooster would make such a nice pet. That is interesting. We have a boxer mixed pit bull and he is part of our daily life.

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