Misty Journey: A Voyage Beyond A Lost Dream

I begin with a small step of hope
through a vast place of uncertainties,
a blurring trail of future anticipation,
I waited in agony.

Looking down the pathway
I struggle to step precariously
studying its precedence
I envisioned an intimidation
the risk to linger is treacherous
a foreboding dread is eminent,
staying will be peril enough.

Endurance is an arduous desire
promenading a progressive mark,
expect heavy burden evidently.

Desolation is as lost as raging river,
slumping on a stream cascading viciously,
my mortal brain communes for enlightenment,
as I dragged with brutally close to sleep,
I woke up sweating ardently.

A lost dream in the midst of misty journey?

In the smog, I whisper the soft words,
a faint murmur echoes back.
A sigh hurdles into my faded lungs,
wheezing a faded graphite whiff,
euthanasia declines its demise.

I walk lightly, gently, perspiring vehemently,
savagely stroke my vicious consciousness,
nonchalant I lust for my existence,
craving for discernment,
I yearn for high mercy,
I kneel with dignity.

Darkened sky, rumbling sounds,
bursting lightning accommodates my ranting,
unable to hear the crumbling voices
of nature’s wailing trouble,
I cried a piercing prayer
in the depth of momentous agony,
a layer of gasping sounds mumble,
crackling clasp of howling thunder echoed,
shivers the blackness of my bones,
I laid my petition naked in milieu,
prognosticate my longing to come to fruition,
waiting to be heard emphatically,
I claim victorious triumphantly.

Shall I visit the boneyard of faithless?

I look into the misty journey like mirror,
it mimics my quest, my life, and my future,
reaching beyond my curb,
I face it like my nemesis,
able to grab its end and haul deep into the depth,
with the lifeless trail, it will end,
ineffectual as a dead raven
lying a departed impassive creature into the abyss,
not a crackling resonance heeded,
No! not a faint sound.


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