Is it Really More Fun in the Philippines?

What made the Philippines to be fun?

It is more fun in the Philippines because of some tourist destinations – White Sand beaches in Boracay, Palawan and more to mention; the Chocolate Hills in Bohol; the Mount Pinatubo in Zambales; the Hundred Islands in Pangasinan and many more to mention. While others may have enjoyed there stays in these tourist spots, others are contemplating on other social issues of the country. Can they say — It is fun in the Philippines or more fun that is?

Is it fun to be stuck in a traffic on a daily basis? I hope I can see improvement in this area. I am a commuter so I understand the complaints of my fellow – jeepney, bus, or cab passengers.

Is it fun to have a corrupt government officials? I hope to see changes during the Duterte administration. I like to see the government perform more revamps on their cabinet officials – those that can run their offices effectively.

Is it fun to see beggars on the street? It is call to the new president of the country to sweep beggars on the street, to give them shelter that they can call home.

Is it fun to see children in the street? Another social issue that I see multiple times – I hope the government can provide shelters for these angels.

Is it fun to eat from the garbage? This is heart-breaking. I see a lot of street-dwellers scavenging for food in the garbage bin. It isn’t safe. I hope they get to have shelter and food.

Is it fun to dwell under the bridge? Because of extreme poverty, we can still see this in my nation.

I hope that the new administration won’t pocket budgets intended for the Filipino people. I hope to see more reforms and projects for the poor people.

What do you know about the Philippines?


    1. Bojel Post author

      Our president has an ample time cleaning the streets of metro Manila and Maynila. I am hoping to see changes

    2. Gil Camporazo

      Let’s wait and see. Most of the Filipino couldn’t understand what the senators and congressmen are doing on their respective houses. Are they working for the country’s integrity and economic well-being?

  1. Pat Z Anthony

    We see the same things in the USA although not everyone seems to realize this. Poverty is every place we look and never fair. The infrastructure has been ignored in many places for years-
    We all need to get it together and do a better job.

  2. Gil Camporazo

    Have you not noticed that big improvement of the Philippines as far as peace and order is concerned since President Duterte took his oath of office as the 16th President of the country?

  3. Gil Camporazo

    It is already nine months since you have written this and the Philippines is getting more complicated due to the new style of government which the new President is handling it. Do you think is it more fun in the Philippines?

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