Multiple Online Money Making




Online money making is a good way to earn,you can save a lot of time and transportation fees to work that is why I prefer to work online because of I’m comfortable and I can manage my time if I want to earn more or not plus I do not have a boss and no investment needed.


If you like to earn more with online money making you have to be creative and can be able to multi-task. Let’s say work with 5 paying working sites together.And that is what I’m doing, I have a pay to chat site that I do not earn that much but it’s a very easy task that I just need to chat while I’m reviewing calls and while I’m interacting with my blogbourne site.


When it come to my article writing I have to be more focus on my writing. I can hang for a while my pay to chat , call review and online selling sooner I will have my online transcribing.


I also like online investing but I have become a victim of online scams so I cannot take the risk anymore to lose any single piece of money but if ever that I will be given an opportunity regarding financial investment I’d like to invest with the stock market.


How about you guys ? how many online job sites that you are working for income.


    1. Kyuminette Post author

      I have to multi-task my friend so that I can sustain our needs because I’m a single mom.

  1. Lady Jane Lopez

    I used to have private clients in before as a researcher and article writer while writing for 3 online publishing sites during my spare time or when I feel like being drained off with the researches that i have to do. It is actually a stress reliever to do some blogs on your own while being tied up in a patterned articles. Multi-tasking is not that bad as long as you can use your time well. Kudos!

  2. Marie Edgerly

    I am an major multi-tasker. I am on here and a few other writing sites. I also do other various opportunities and free money making apps. My husband is a painter, so we need to bring in extra income. Although I would admit it would get a bit overwhelming.

    1. Kyuminette Post author

      I admire people who can multi-task in spite of too stressful job but if we really like to do it with a proper time management we can make it happened.

  3. Marie Edgerly

    I like to do it, just sometimes It gets a bit overwhelming 🙂 But, I am fixing to take some things off my plate and just concentrate on certain things.

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