My Account Balance is 494

So I come to find out that we have this Wallet feature here at Blogbourne and as cool as that sounds I still don’t know what the numbers in it mean. Are they points? I have about 494 there and no dollar sign so it can’t be dollars unfortunately. As much as I would love it to be, it’s probably something to do with the points system here instead. That said, how do you know when we’re supposedly needing to cash out and how many of those points more do we need to do that?

I can’t find the answer yet but being the site seems new and more wrinkles to iron out so to speak I will wait and see. I just don’t want to spend so much time on a site and find out it takes us a year to cash out for a small amount of money. Are you with me on that? I’m trying to explain it the best I can without seeming like I’m nit picking or anything because that is the last thing I wanna do. What I’m trying to get to most is how much is 494 actually worth? If you know, please tell me. Do we have a FAQs page on Blogbourne yet? It would be nice to know.


  1. Gil Camporazo

    Personally, I am here to write, to share of what is up on my mind. I am here to discuss things in issue, to appreciate commendable things written here. Meaning, I am here to earn a penny. As of now, I haven’t minded that observation of yours as long as my activities are counted and received a corresponding points or coins.

  2. John

    Hi Anne, your current coins is 494. It means you are earning coins not points.

    We will be paid based on monthly revenue. Your coins will be valuable once the revenue earnings for the month is calculated and divided it among members.

  3. Suny

    You will know in the first week of August what is your coin worth for. Keep up the good job, I am sure you won’t be disappointed in the end.

  4. GL Brown

    I think many are in the watch and see mode including myself. Unfortunately at this point, any new site has to pay the price of prior sites to establish trust and participation.

  5. Marie Edgerly

    I personally write on there just for the pleasure of writing and meeting new people.. I know being a new site, once it start generating revenue we will do the same. Just gonna take time. But, I am here for the long haul.

  6. grace

    That is a good question. As @Lee Ka has pointed out you could go to that forum that tells you all about i. Happy blogging.

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