My August Challenge, why not?

After having read BrendaMarieFluhartyClapp’s post “August Challenge of the Month”… Hey! What a good idea!

Ok, her challenge is three articles per day, but in case you had read my last post “Time management, is it possible?”, I have decided to follow Brenda Marie’s challenge, with one change: It think I’m going to write one post per day. And, if I see that’s possible for me, I’m planning to change my September’s challenge to two posts per day.

In fact, I have already thought about the best time for me to write it (my daily post). Right now! That means 8:30 – 9pm in Spain, before having dinner. (Ok, that’s too late for some people from different countries and cultures, but that’s the usual time for us to have dinner.)

I’ve decided to create my own “writing time”. It’s all about stopping doing things at home (well, you know… cleaning, ironing, etc…) and spend some time doing something which doesn’t imply the idea of “obligation” or “must be done/made”. Just something I enjoy doing, something “by me, for me”.

Are you willing to join any of these challenges? How many posts can you / do you write per day / week?

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  1. Candice Quigley

    I think I can do two posts per day. I guess the rule on here is three a day if im not wrong. I shall start with two and see how it goes. All the best with your challenge.

  2. Sandy KS

    I can do three a day. However, I have a personal blog I tend to make sure i get posts out on that before meeting a challenge here. I like the idea of a challenge though.

  3. Angeles Fernandez Post author

    Hi, @brendamarie! You are really busy! That’s great! I’m only posting here, for now. And @tranquilpen, yes, it is 3 maximum. you can find the info on your “Write” section. Whenever you’re going to write a new post, you can read: “Notice: Daily Article Limit has been set to three (3).”

  4. Gina145

    I’m not going to commit to any challenges right now because I know I’ll fail. I suffer badly from writer’s block and if I try to force myself to write something every day it will probably make the problem worse.

  5. Ceci

    Thanks for sharing. Keep it up. I hope I have time to write at least one post here as well, it limited to 3 rather than 5 posts per day.

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