My Babies Are 7 Weeks Old



Its me Bunny again. I just wanted to say hi to everyone and show off my kids again. They are now seven weeks old and will be going to new homes soon. I will miss them, but I know Mom will make sure they are very loved before she lets them leave.


It’s just hard to believe that they no longer need me and will soon be a big boy and girl. I know Jack  is going to a nice man.

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I met him before I had the little cutie pies and he seems extremely nice. Mom said Jack already has a new crate and toys waiting for him when he moves out next Friday. The man is anxiously waiting until it is time. I hope he is ready for a very rotten little boy. Jack acts a lot like his daddy Duke. He especially hates to be told no or stop it. But when he is being good, he is very cute and sweet.



Jill does not have a home waiting on her yet.   But Mom says it probably won’t take too much time for her to find one. Mom says Jills color don’t happen a lot, so people will be looking. Mom also said she has already told one person, no to buying her. They wanted Mom to take a lot less money for her. Mom said they probably want to buy her cheap so they can resell her for more. I am glad Mom told them no. Jill is very friendly and outgoing. She deserves to go to someone who will play and walk with her a lot. Maybe at home with the kids so she would have someone to run with and protect.

Mom took the out door pictures, last week. It was the first time that they were allowed outside after they got their shots. Mom was not taking any chances on my babies getting sick. So now they are learning to walk with Mom on a leash. Also getting better about going to her when she calls for them. Mom is very demanding about that one when any of us are outside loose. She says we need to come immediately when she yells. That way she can keep us from getting hurt if we head towards the road or a critter is in the yard that she don’t want us to tangle with. Bambi and I are the best at that so we get to play out back more with Mom than what Duke does. Mom starts all of us on that as puppies, but Duke was full grown when she brought him home.  Because of that she is teaching my babies now so that whoever gets them will be able to keep them safer easier too.

But as you can see my babies like to be with people by watching them play the first time they were outside too. CLICK HERE  Aren’t they just adorable?  I know, I know I am prejudice towards them!!


  1. Gil Camporazo

    Why call babies? I do like puppies but when they are old and they find them troublesome for they might bite someone and the cost for anti-rabies medicine is too costly.

    1. Eva James Post author

      Raised right they will only bite in defense of themselves and their families

  2. Daisy

    I also call my puppies and dogs fur babies and as long as they have complete vaccination there is less chance of rabies and if taught properly no problem I have mostly toy breeds 🙂

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