My Changing Life and Lifestyle

Monday, August 8, 2016

Occasionally, between blogging and drawing, I drop by at Yoworld and IMVU to mediate on my virtual reality scenes, do some decorating, and maybe even some chatting. Yoworld’s recent themes have been Upscale Apartments, which is similar to what is actually going on in Irvine recently. I was chatting with a woman in the Canon seminar, and she even noticed to sudden creation of too many apartments in the area, as we wondered what is going on, although I have an idea. Anyway, I had fun decorating my Yoworld Upscale Apartments into cute and minimal studio apartments because, again, that is the main reason they are doing these apartments. If you check on youtube, then you will notice millions of videos about minimal living space homes, whether apartments, studios, tiny homes, trailers, tents, and many other ways to live simply and cheaply for certain future conditions. Moreover, the other Yoworld theme is carnivals and theme parks, which are always popular during the summertime. I have always like carnivals when I was a kid because they are like fantasy escapes into another world. There are also the rides, junk food treats, games to win a stuffed animal, petting zoos, and other entertaining shows. As I play these virtual reality games, I also reminisce my past, usually my childhood but also the iconic eighties. A third theme is Christmas in July. Why so early I thought to myself, until I suddenly remembered I video I watched stating that 2015 was the last year that people would be celebrating the Christmas holiday.

IMVU themes have been about the Olympics, in which I have already received to Olympic-related gifts for home décor. I watched a little bit of videos and played some game for double credits, before I closed IMVU and move on to other sites.

While in my real life, my themes have been constantly reorganizing my place and maybe remodeling and renovating my old items into cooler versions for fun. My original townhouse theme is coastal cottage décor, which I have had since 1986. But over the years, this style has gotten modern with newer items, such as a new HDTV, metal shelfing for organization, and lots of IKEA furniture. So, now, it is coastal cottage theme gets a urban makeover. And, I recently renovated my two old wicker couches by buying two new Urban Outfitters mattresses for the bottom section, while adding pillows against the back. And, I just covered the wicker with the denim couch covers I already had, as well as Mexican blankets, knit blanket, and felt wall rug. I think these now bohemian couches now fit in with the urban cottage theme décor.

Furthermore, I recently ended up enlarging four of my old photos at Canon. When, I find affordable frames for them, I still have to find a place to hang them because the pictures I have fit it with the original décor, and I probably bought most of them at swap meets, street vendors, gifts, and maybe garage sale. I remember I bought one picture from Alpha Beta grocery store because I needed a picture for the bare walls of my dorm room at UCI. My college roommate had magazine photos of different men on her side of the room, and my wall looked plain because I forgot to bring pictures or photos. So, one weekend, I just went to a local grocery store and bought of a woman sitting at a coastal café and drinking a cocktail. It is called “After Eight.” I plan to hang two mannequin photos in my office space, next to an island shore picture, while I feel the Fashion Island mall pond photo and the Venice Beach café photo fit in the living room space because it is about socializing, and I do need to add some pictures with people in it because the pictures on the wall look lonely. Either there are no people in these coastal scenes, or there is only one person sitting in solitude and meditating. I just need to find a place for these two photographs. I might need to take some pictures down, and place my new photographs in their place. And, maybe place the older pictures elsewhere.

I think a closer look at my photographs and my virtual reality scenes concludes that it appears that my overall life and lifestyle are changing into a new direction.


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