my dream job!!! come true….

When i am a child i was dreaming someday i will be a good writer, but i was thinking also how will be it happen? I  don’t have any talent in writing even in spelling i am not good so my dream is just a dream never happen. So the days go on i never try to be a good writer i erase it to my mind they i follow the flow of my life. Study what my parents what me to take up but sad to say  i did not finish my college because that time my parents don’t have enough money to support my college so i decided to stop and find a job to help all the expenses of the family.
After a year i work as operator in electronics company i almost there in 5 years, then i married at the ages of 24 years old.So my life was focus to my family to take care them i stop to work to gave the more time there need  now i almost 10 years no work i only doing to take care everything in our family from household,take care the kids and budget our expenses. that’s is my  life i forgot everything even to go out with my friends i did not my 24/7 is only to my family.
But now i am starting to write what is inside in my mind and my hearth i feel lucky because i found this site to do my dream!!! to try to be a writer,to meet new friends  and also gave me extra income while i doing what i want to do. Now i am so happy to be part of this i was hoping more friends i will find here..


  1. Gil Camporazo

    Now your dream is beginning to be realized. You write as what you want to tell others, as what you want others to be. You can control your thoughts based on your purpose. As I have written in one of my posts here, writing is of no use unless it is shared. Idea is a mere idea if not being shared. It becomes useful when it is shared.

    1. editha gungab Post author

      yup share idea is the best things we can don because to other we can help them to give info..

    1. editha gungab Post author

      thank you catmom to give time to read my article.. i feel happy because you spend your time..

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