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If you know me from my attitude before, you will find most of my posts are about rants and bad days. There will be some posts that started with good stories but the middle part leads to sadness. I am pretty sure I will share some sorrow, I always will. It is very heavy to read sad stories when you are feeling it too so I felt that I am creating an aura to other people that I am a person with negativities on what I post online.

I am not denying it, in fact, I am not happy sharing it. I only share it because I feel I need to share it because it relieves me. I am still negative on some parts but I know I change in a big way and that is the help of EFT Tapping. 

I accidentally saw EFT Tapping in the videos at YouTube. At first, I am only checking out some law of attraction videos until I see it. From what I understand, if Chinese people have acupuncture to release/remove some bad air in your body, EFT is focusing on emotional side. If you do it with pure emotion the intention will be clear, the energy will change and everything will happen. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. Tapping is a better tool to release your emotional freedom. It is easy to do. 

We have different emotions like grief, depression, trauma, anger and guilt. We will be clearing all those emotions by doing the 9 technique of tapping while reciting the word focused tools. These word focused tools are what we recite to change the bad energy from that emotions to good energy. The tapping techniques always starts with Karate Chop point with corresponding words that we say in ourselves. After Karate Chop Point is On Top of the Head, at the top of the eyebrow, the side of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, on the chin, on the collar bone and under the arm or the side of the body. Use your finger tips for tapping. You just need to do the tapping on different parts repetitively and it is easy to memorized. 

The goal of tapping is know what you real problem is and accept yourself despite having it. The tapping technique will change the bad energy you have and clear everything you feel. It works on me because whenever I started to feel negative and I got stress, I open this YouTube video about tapping and it suddenly clears it. I know it is working when I suddenly yawns in between. They said the yawning signals a shift that means that that your energy is changing and clearing in your system. 

If you want a clear idea you can check this tapping techniques at YouTube, one of my favorite when it comes to tapping.

There are lots of videos for tapping. Some are tapping for anxiety, fear, trauma and even clearing the debts. After praying, I do the tapping and I know I changed a lot. I even helped myself to have strong faith that my medicine will take effect on my liver. This is my secret to recharging myself with positive energy and releasing out all my negativities. I am doing it everyday. I never skip a day because I experienced how it change me and I want to change for the better. 

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  1. Andria Perry

    I do believe that different parts of the body can help, just as I believe in Chiropractic care more than medical sometimes. Once my back was out of place and I could not raise my arms, the hospital just wanted to give me pain pills but the chiropractor fixed the problem.

    I am sure this medicine will work.

  2. Pat Z Anthony

    Many are helped by EFT and other techniques that do not require medication. Glad you found that video just when you needed it! Strange that it happened that way, huh?

  3. JoDee Stout

    Oh, sissy I will have to check into that. You know my struggle with the MIL, so this may be beneficial to me in dealing with the situation!! I believe strongly in prayer.. Prayers do work. Will continue praying that your body will heal!

  4. marilou luzon

    we can’t help it, sometimes we better chose to write and share with other people rather than who really know us in person coz in general, those who doesn’t know us personally understands us more often 🙂

  5. Grecy Garcia Post author

    @junebride very interesting and I am glad I found this one. It really helps me. I can’t start a day without it.

    @marichuy I agree to you sis, I am more comfortable with writing what I feel.

    @stoutjodee yes sissy, this is perfect for you. If you want other links I have some about fear and worry and everything.

    @brendamarie it helped me sis and still helping me. I will never give up in life and this is one the thing that helped me.

    @patzanthony I guess maybe God is giving me this because it will help me big time.

    @andriaperry Chiropractic is good too sissy and it help my friend about her bones.

  6. grace

    I just wrote a post about talking to the wall that relieved me rather than to people. Try it and see how it helps you.

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