my family, my happines my life


Hi to everyone  here i am editha gungab, a simple housewife and met my family.

I have 3 kids two boy and one girl there name are Ahron my eldest and 2nd one is danielle my youngest  is Alain.

We have a very simple life, but we are so happy even we are in just a middle class of family. Our everyday life is like the other family in morning my kids go to school,in afternoon study but after play outside a little hour then before we sleep bonding a little. That’s our life very simple but happy… even my husband need to work in abroad very hard but we don’t have choice that is for the future of  our kids because we love them very much. All parents like me we always think our kids what is good for them we always want the best for them and do want is right to gave them a best future and we always pray everything will be in right place. hoping you join reading my article about my family..  pls follow me and read all my article next time i wrote my everyday task… i hoping everyone will like it.. for this is it..soon guys next time again.


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