My First Try At Water Plants

I am doing my first try with water gardening this year. I have been thinking about it for a few years now, but never took the jump before this. I started out small. I was not even thinking about it and seen some water lilies for sale at the produce auction last month. I was able to get three of them for one dollar each.  I have an old boat in the back yard that was a total eyesore. The center of it holds water so I set them in there. They were not big enough to stay upright when I took them out of their pots. So I put some small rocks in the pots to hold them in place and they looked like this.


The other flowers I planted in the seat of the boat after filling it with dirt. The seat had been broken out of it when we found it upside down in the pond after moving here six years ago. At this point, I am thinking it would look better if I painted the boat, but I still am not sure I am going to keep it in the backyard or try to get rid of it. About a week ago I finally pulled them out of the pots. The root balls had grown enough to hold them in place and upright. I could tell when I bought them that they are the spreading type is why I did not drop them in the big pond. I am glad I did not as this is how much they have grown in about a month’s time.


I made a very lucky guess of planting purple flowers in the seat of the boat at once these bloomed they are also purple. But the picture here only shows two of the three lilies to give you an idea of how much they have spread out. I still need to find exactly what kind these are so that I will know if I can leave them outside all winter or if I need to protect them from freezing. But I am now thinking about sinking a horse trough into the ground out in the backyard and moving the lilies to it next spring. I will then add some goldfish to it and have a nice spot to sit and dangle my feet on very hot days. And in a smaller area like that, I can easily keep the growth of the lilies under control. I am calling them lilies but I am not even sure that is correct for them at this time as there are many types of floating water flowering plants.


  1. Rex Trulove

    That sounds neat. I want to try growing watercress, though I’d need to get a good aerator to do it. I just haven’t come up with the money to try it yet. LOL Still, I love the taste of watercress, especially in salads.

    1. Eva James Post author

      I think I read it can be grown in the house if you change the water regular. I did figure out last night that these are hyacinths.

  2. Gil Camporazo

    Water gardening? This reminds me of a water lilies pond in our elementary school. I never thought that it would be taken care. Those lilies are left all alone and they are taken care by nature.

    1. Eva James Post author

      Yes all I have done for these is make sure the water level has stayed up

    1. Eva James Post author

      In the past I had but not knowing what type I bought still made it more interesting

  3. Andria Perry

    Around here the water lilies, that are also invasive, have huge open flowers with lighter purple on the inside and darker around the outer edges. Around here these are left outdoors, they die back and come back out in the Spring, bloom all Summer.

    I would assume you`re right about them being water hyacinths, I have not seen these before.

    I tweeted this article 🙂

    1. Eva James Post author

      That was what I found that looked like them when I searched images of different ones. It said these can get thick enough to block rivers in no time but can not take a freeze. So I will bring cuttings in this winter to be safe. Thank you and that reminds me that I forgot to do my sharing lol

  4. Pat Z Anthony

    This looks like a fun project. We have an issue here with water, in that we are not supposed to allow any standing water because of the mosquitoes.

    1. Eva James Post author

      Ohio is not at too much risk because of the type of mosquitoes we have. But you could maybe do a few inside and just change the water as needed. But that is another reason why I will put goldfish in the tank if I do one next year. They eat a lot of eggs and the larvae once the eggs hatch out

    1. Eva James Post author

      The ones I have are actually very simple, just drop them in water. I figured out that I have water hyacinths. When I looked them up it says not too put them in streams or lakes as they can quickly take over and they can not take cold weather. I have done nothing with mine since putting them in the water and they have spread and grown immensely

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