My French-Style Coffee Drinks

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Every summer, I like drinking coffee with one scoop of vegan ice cream as a dessert or breakfast coffee. During the early 2000s, I got into watching French films on the independent movie channels. I liked checking out the French scenes, art culture, fashion, and ambiance in this movie. Although I took French in college, I still have the read the subtitles because my French is basic as well as I have forgotten a lot of words, mostly the verbs.

One thing I notice in these French films is the café scenes, where, usually a woman, wander into a café on her own, orders a cup of black coffee and a bowl of vanilla ice cream. She then pours her cup of coffee into the bowl, over the ice cream scoops, and enjoys eating her dessert and coffee with a spoon. When I first saw this, I did it similar, and I tried different flavors of ice cream.

Then, I decided to do it a little differently, where I just placed a scoop of ice cream into my cup of coffee. Since the coffee is hot, I notice the ice starts to melt, and the ice cream looks like the white foam on top of a cappuccino drink. I then sprinkle some cinnamon on top. It is still warm, although not hot.

This week, I decided to buy vegan French Vanilla ice cream, maybe to be consistent with the French theme, and I enjoy sipping a cup for breakfast, maybe with a simple continental breakfast. I remember when I went traveling to Europe with family I always liked their continental breakfast because it is simple, easy and quick, perfect for my on-the-go personality. When I returned to America, I decided I wanted to incorporate that in my meals because it just fits my lifestyle.

Foreign films have given my lots of ideas to try out, as well as some ideas for my creative work. When I traveled to other countries, I always like checking out the architecture in different countries because it is so old, historical, and interesting, like there is a story behind each building, sculpture, and statues, in which I am sure there is. This is probably why I enjoy walking a lot in foreign countries. It is like an outdoor art gallery. It is fun to check out the scenes and ambiance of the overall country.

Wow, this post took on a path of its own. I started writing about my interest in sipping coffee with an ice cream scoop, and it grew to my inspiration that I got from French films and European countries.


    1. Fifi Leigh Post author

      i think indie films and foreign films are more artistically and creatively put together that it becomes inspirational in some way.

  1. S.L. Luna

    I love the film After Sunrise , and After Sunset its a trilogy. Julien Delpy is so French , and Ethan Hawke . so American in love with France.

  2. Fifi Leigh Post author

    yeah, i watched all three of the Richard Linkalater trilogy on cable, as well as the movie, Boyhood, and his animated films, Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly. They are interesting. The animated ones are interesting because they are different. Out of the trilogy, i think the third one is the best because it is better paced as well as less redundant dialogue. the first two kind of dragged because there was too much ranting. He did a good job on Boyhood because it was interesting and different how the film was filmed during a duration to action watch the character grow up and change withing those years as the real actor playing them grew up and changed.

  3. Kyla Matton Osborne

    It sounds like a delicious way to enjoy both coffee and ice cream!

    When I lived in Montreal, my favourite cafe served a kind of dessert coffee similar to what you’ve described. Except in this treat, the coffee was poured over a whole orange that had been peeled. There were spices and whipped cream, and of course the lovely, hot coffee. It was a very decadent want to “drink” a coffee!

  4. Fifi Leigh Post author

    it is kind of like in that movie, Serendipity, where the couple in the beginning of the movie are sitting in the coffee shop eating this coffee sundae dessert.

    1. Fifi Leigh Post author

      yeah, i think it is a european influence. i always watch too much foreign films, and end up with ideas i dont see too much of around me.

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