My Haven Kitchen Garden!

My Haven Kitchen Garden!

My kitchen garden is a small haven. There are many interesting crops there. One who comes to the garden will be shocked with awe and admiration.


  • Wild strawberries are grown in my haven of a kitchen garden. The strawberries are used to flavor my home-made yoghurt.strawberries
  • Tomatoes also grow in this garden. We use the tomatoes in our vegetables and salad. The tomatoes when ripe color my haven garden too.tomatoes-1540836__180
  • Passion fruits also grow with passion. They are very good to make fruit juice. We normally sell the juice to the locals to quench their thirst.passion-fruit-323011952
  • Brinjals also grow in my kitchen garden. They are used as a vegetable and we enjoy eating them. Brinjals are very delicious and contain the necessary  minerals and vitamins needed by the body.brinjals
  • To crown my haven of kitchen garden are different types of vegetables. Some are wild though we have tamed them. Others are cabbages and kales.cabbage-575525__180Am I not lucky to have such a beautiful haven of a garden?


My admiration goes to my kitchen garden which happens to be a small haven. I extend my invitation for you to come and view this haven. Will you come?  image-pixabay




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