My Heart Belongs To You


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Love of the Heart, I married you 30 yrs ago cause you stole my heart. You changed me from where I was to who I am today.
We have been through he!! up one side & down the other together, and through it all we’re just as close as ever through it all
we may live in 2 different places but our hearts are still together, we’re not that far apart from each other through the day.

I know we have had our good days and our bad days but no matter what we always will have our hearts for each other :>}
we always find ways to pull a rabbit out of the hat when things get tough for us, we always are there for each other every day
we may be yrs apart in age but that will never change our hearts about each other, we have a lot of memories of our lives.

When we 1st met I knew THEN you were the one god sent my way, our lives were in 2 different directions back in them days
and 30 yrs later here we are just as though it was yesterday, We have gone through Hurricanes together we have been from
having a place to call home to having no where to live, we have lived from broke to living on a fixed income, what a life.

Our lives have taught us a lot about each other throughout the years together, we have taught each other a lot as well too.
life together has been an experience that not a lot of people could handle in the 1st 4 yrs like we’ve done in the 30 yrs together
now that we’re somewhat up in age & have went through all we have in 30 yrs, I have to say it’s been a he!! of a life together.

If I was asked to do it over again, I wouldn’t think twice about it, yes it’s not been easy and we have had a LONG hard road but
I would be ready for what we have been through the 2nd time around & know more then than I did the 1st time around to make
SURE we didn’t make the same mistakes we’ve made the 1st time again the 2nd time around & I’m sure you’d agree with me.

For anyone that has been or is IN a LONG term relationship I’d love to hear what you would say to your mate to show your love for them


  1. Gayle Harrelson Post author

    Sunythank you there’s nothing on this earth could ever pull us apart after all we have been through in life

    BrendaMarieFluhartyClapp that’s awesome I feel the same way about mine too congratulations keep things

  2. Gayle Harrelson Post author

    @stbrians Meshack Bwoyele Keya
    well thank you, yes he’s pretty lucky to have someone like me to
    be in the relationship we are in together, being he was a truck driver
    MOST our marriage not most women would stick it out & go through
    what we have & still be together like we have we take our vows serious.


    my relationship is one month old. may be your next article should be about qualities to employ to guarantee long lasting relationship. it will be of help to people, including me . thanks for sharing. this is truly inspiring

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