My husband is a bandwidth hog!

The house is quiet and Hubs has headed off to work. Normally we spend the weekends together but this weekend he has to work over time hours. So I am on my own.

I had plans of playing some games on facebook and probably watching something on netflix.

As I sat down to open up my game on facebook I noticed how slowly everything was moving. Or rather, how it was not loading as it should. And it did not load! Oh bother!

Even not being home my husband is a bandwidth hog! When he is home he is usually on the laptop, playing on his cell phone and last night he was even on the playstation, all at the same time! Silly, Hubs.


I usually do not mind, unless there is something I want to do online. Like today. I want to be playing bejeweled but it will not load because my absent husband has some online game loading. Silly, bandwidth hog!


I guess I am going to go read instead. For the next oh I do not know, 9 hours!


Do you have a bandwidth hog in your home?






written by Michelle McIntosh, all photos used are mine too.


  1. Marie Edgerly

    I am usually the one that is stealing the bandwith 🙂 all my husband does is play video games or watch tv when he isn’t working. i am in the bandwith junkie lol

  2. Sandy KS

    Sometimes if many peopel are using the wifi it will run or load pages slower. Hope your husband allows you to play your game soon.

  3. Jean B Figues

    oh oh! I know how it feels like when you want to do something but the internet connection is not cooperating.. do you use windows 10? whenever there’s an update downloading, the connections is really bad.. i am not sure if that could be one of the factors too

  4. Pat Z Anthony

    It seems many of the younger ones we see or know have a phone or tablet in their face! Terribly rude if we really consider it. We may not always be in their life (as in, alive) but they can always get to a cell phone or tablet in the future.

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