My Life’s Worst Day

I was 7 years old on October 16,1978, when my life was forever changed.

My dad was at work that evening at the local elevator  and my mom, my sister and I were on our way to my 4- H meeting.  We could only see the bright lights from a pick up that was facing us.  But, in our lane there was a truck that we couldn’t see that has no lights on and had run out of gas, the pick up was putting has in the truck. The last thing I remember is my mom saying, “Don’t let us wreck and then we ran under the truck.”

I was in the front seat and my sister was in the back seat of the Pontiac station wagon that my mom drove. I got the floor pretty hard and kept blacking out and then coming to.  Each time I came to, I would try to wake my mom up, once when I came to, my sister was at the front and had blood going everywhere. That made me try and wake my mom even more.

There were a bunch of men gathered there and some were trying to get me to let them take me out of the car. I kept telling them that I couldn’t go with strangers!  Finally, one of them told me that they knew my dad and I finally let him take me out.  I have no idea if what he said was true or not. They then took me over and out me in the pick up with a lady. I can remember that they hooked something up to my mom and I could hear her breathing.

When the cop got there, it was my mom’s dad as he was on call and they didn’t know who it was.  He radioed back to the office to tell them to tell the ambulance to hurry up.  He had found my mom and sister but not me, he looked in ditches and asked them where I was and they didn’t tell him. He finally looked toward the pick up and saw my head there,  so he helped load my mom and sister into the ambulance. Then, he got me and out me in the front seat and loaded the driver of the pick up and his wife in the backseat.  We went to my house and my aunt and uncle helped me get clothes to go to my grandparents house.

When we got to town we took the man and lady to the hospital, one of my mom’s friends was the RN that night and came out to check on me.  I told her that I was fine!  Then we went to pick up my aunt and her son to come and stay with me that night, while my grandparents went to the hospital.  They were back when I woke up and then the calls from the hospital started.  They would call and say they were shipping her and then another that said they weren’t. Finally one came that said they had to take her no matter what.

She was put on a plane with my sister and dad and sent to a hospital in another state. When they landed the hospital called and said that she had passed away. So on October 17, 1978 was a life changing day for me!!



  1. Sharon Epperson Post author

    @andriaperry I am sorry for your loss. I am sure that it was harder than mine. Due to the fact that my mom went quickly after the wreck and I have worked with people that has cancer and they were in so much pain! Thinking of you!!

  2. Barbara Radisavljevic

    How terrible that had to have been for you. It’s amazing that any of you survived that kind of accident. I am so sorry you lost your mother and had to witness her injuries, as well as your sister’s. I’m quite sure you will never forget that horrible experience. How bad were your sister’s injuries? Did you escape being injured? You mentioned blacking out more than once. Did you receive any medical care?

  3. Sharon Epperson Post author

    I got the floor when we hit the truck. I must have hit pretty hard.
    My sister was in a coma for quite a while, she had to have her spleen removed, and they had to do surgery on her forehead. She was in the hospital for quite a while.
    I told my aunt’s that my head hurt later that night and they took me to ER. They checked and gave an icepack, not sure if they have any shots or meds or not.

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