My Main Blog Site is Down

I have a WordPress blog that I started in December 2014 for product reviews.  I switched to my own domain name a few months later. That blog quickly grew to many categories such as saving money with coupons, earning sites, helpful hints, cooking, my photographs and guest writers.  It had grown so fast that I migrated to a new host server and everything was working fine.  That is until Friday evening when I had a message of site maintenance when I went to log on.  I thought it was routine maintenance so I didn’t think too much about it.  A few hours later I received an email stating my site was blocked due to over usage of CPU’s.  Needless to say, I was dumbfounded. I called my grandson who is a computer guru and helped me migrate my site a few months ago.  He wasn’t home so I emailed Host Gator. I was helped by Chris who put a WP Super Cache plug in on my site and I was back up and running…..until I received the same email yesterday.  At first I thought it was a duplicate but when I checked my site, it was blocked again. Now they tell me I have to verify my Google Analytics which I had already done.  They unblocked it for me to work on but I wasn’t getting anywhere. This morning, it’s blocked again.  My grandson has been working on it and been on the phone with them all morning hoping to find a reason. It’s so frustrating when I know a little about things but not enough to fix it.  Hoping I’ll be back up and running soon.


  1. Grecy Garcia

    That is hard when we don’t know anything about technical, we will become worry and we don’t know what to do. That is my dilemma but I am open to tutorials at YouTube on how to do it, but still it is stressful. I really pray it will be back up and run soon.

    1. Martha DeMeo Post author

      I was so excited when I got it up and running yesterday only to be down again. My grandson worked on it and got it running this morning. I no sooner got off the phone with him and it’s down again! I’m not too happy with Host Gator at the moment since they haven’t replied to my emails.

    1. Martha DeMeo Post author

      It’s so frustrating when you know a little about something but not enough. Grandson get it up and running only to be shut down again and I don’t have a clue why. He showed me how to delete all my cache which I had a lot of and they are telling me I’m over the limit. Waiting for them to reply.

  2. grace

    Hope is not lost I hope. Your grandson is following it. Could you copy all those blogs until then whenever it opens – just a thought.

    1. Martha DeMeo Post author

      My blog post were safe in backup but I couldn’t get to them. After being on the phone all last night, I’m back up and hopefully here to stay.

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