My New Shop/Little Business

Hello Readers!!  You all are beautiful my friends. I wanted to tell you all that I did it! I am now a Perfectly Posh Consultant!  and I am going to need your help!
Perfectly Posh products are all made in the USA with Fresh and Natural Ingredients. They even have beauty options for those that are vegan too. Perfectly Posh is all about Pampering you and those you love! They generally have something new each week on sale. The new Fall/Winter line is about to come out (July 29, 2016) so that means that Spring/Summer line is saying Bye-Bye….A BIG closeout event going on to say Bye to the old and Hello to the new.They even have a men’s line too! Great products and all are $25 or less!


What can you do as my readers and bloggers??—Share my link, refer others, comment about your favorite product(s), ask questions…ORDER (if you want to of course, but I am sure you will). Right now I have a giveaway going on. Anyone (in the USA or one that has a USA address) that orders and spends $25 or more in my shop (use the link) now-July 31, 2016, will be entered to win $10 back from me either by PayPal or Amazon Gift Card. (**Sorry out of the USA folks cannot order as Perfectly Posh does not ship outside of the USA due to different regulation laws–not my rules).

One cool thing about Perfectly Posh is that they have a Perks program. Join Posh Perks for FREE and every time you order, you will get PERKS that can be used to purchase items at Perfectly Posh for FREE!

You all are needed and valued. I really hope you choose me to help you meet all of your beauty, skin, hair, face, make-up etc. needs. Be on the lookout for great deals and parties/events too! Remember my link above! Questions…leave them as a comment 🙂 Thank you! 
**picture is my own from my shop


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