My Pet, Leelee the Dachshund

My Pet, Leelee the Dachshund

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I have read many articles here about people’s pets. I decided, to shared about my pet. I have a sweet little dachshund Leelee. My family got her just over six years ago. She was older when we got her. She was gray in the face already. I fell in love with her and had to bring her home.

Leelee was not only a shelter dog, but she was rescued from a puppy mill. She had many problems when I got her. But, for the most part, she was healthy.

Why An Older Dog?

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Why did I choose to adopt an older dog? The answer is Leelee’s story. I felt very bad for her. She was returned to the shelter many times. Leelee, the dachshund, just couldn’t find the right home. I decided that my home was the one for her. I have always wanted what no one else does.

Besides all of that, when I first saw Leelee, the dachshund, she tried to kiss me through the cage. I feel in love with her because she needed me.
My family needed her as much as she needed us. My mother had just passed away, and I wanted a dog to help my son.

Leelee the Dachshund More Than Just a Dog


Leelee, the dachshund, is more than just a dog. Leelee, the dachshund, is my family’s guardian angel. She came into my family when we needed someone to love. She helped ease my son’s grief over the death of my mother.

Leelee, the dachshund, is the fourth member of my family. She just fit right in with us. It was like she was just meant to be with us. I believe she was meant to be with my family. I always say, that is why she was returned to the shelter so many times because she was meant to be with my family.

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Well, the little old dachshund that no one wanted finally got her forever home. She very well taking care of and is loved. She has gone from a dog who had no idea how to play, to dog who acts like a puppy. She loves to run and play. I am happy to say that she no longer is afraid of men. I don’t know, why but she was scared of every man that came into my home. Leelee, the dachshund, is a happy dog.


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  1. grace

    I like your attitude of doing something for someone that no one wants to. Your LeeLee is already showing its gratitude in being a part of your family.

    1. BrendaMarieFluhartyClapp Post author

      We have had her for six years and there was a couple of times that we thought we were going to lose her but she pulled through. I guess, she is happy here and wants to stay.

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