My Pledge To Mother Earth

I believe that each and every one of us has the responsibility to take part in preserving our Mother Earth. We are living in this world so therefore, let us nurture the gift that has been given us since the beginning of our lives. We need to give something back to Mother Earth for her long years of generosity to us. We have been greedy. We have had no concern of her life-producing nature because we always want to take and take, but we never give.

Intelligent and talented people who study the world are telling us what they’ve learned. They continually remind us that our Mother is getting old. She is dying because of our wrongdoings. But we are the ignorant of who will suffer in the end. When Mother Earth will no longer be capable of giving us what we need. Like protecting us from the heat of the sun, from the floods, from typhoons and many more natural calamities. We are all in danger because we have neglected the importance of taking good care of the Mother who has been shielding us.

I pledge to Mother Earth that I will take part in saving her by doing the following:

  1. I will practice proper waste disposal by using the method of segregating.
  2. I will participate in groups that plant trees.
  3. I will always conserve energy.
  4. I will always conserve water.
  5. I will assist in awareness programs concerning mother earth.

These are my pledges, I will hope for myself that I can learn to abide by my oaths so that I can be a help and example to many that may soon follow my simple and sincere ways for preserving my world. So help me God.

It is just about giving back. We owe it to the world for her to be saved from all the maltreatment that we have been doing to her. Save her and we are saving ourselves too. Take away all our greediness. Take a seat. And observe and smell our surroundings. Do we still smell the grass? Do we see the morning fog? What about the birds, the trees, the rivers, the mountains, the people around us? I think it is time to start reacting, to make a simple move on your own.

By ourselves, we can practice. Gradually. a practice can become a habit. Then we can influence our family, then our community and together we can save Mother Earth.


Featured image: photoshopper24/Pixabay/CC0


  1. Rex Trulove

    Most of the things we can do to help our environment are common sense and really don’t take much time or inconvenience. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes that and a lot of people are so wrapped up in worldly affairs, such as in making money, that they don’t care.

  2. Kyla Matton Osborne

    Thank you for the reminder. We can all help Mother Earth in numerous ways every day. As Rex says, the things we can do are often quite simple and create little inconvenience. It really is just a matter of choosing well and forming good habits.

  3. S.L. Luna

    Gina, that is the problem . we have failed and failing Mother Earth and now its unleashing its fury . In my article, I’ve tackle about the sad case of flooding in zmetro Manila. People are really so indifferent and uncooperative about environmental concerns. Its a mentality ingrained I guess as a people and majority living in poverty, they do not care about trash and keeping clean . the urban dwellers are the prime culprit of the cloggging of waterways because of their unsanitary living throwing everything right there in the waterways , rivers, canals., streets. I sm so frustrated about this country moving backward, inspire of the efforts by the govt to I
    Educate people and enforce the environmental laws. You can’t catch and put everyone in jail for littering and not doing segregation much more proper waste disposal. In other countries in Asia , it is really a crime to litter. Japan and Singapore is a model , not a cigarette butt thrown anywhere. Did you come upon
    my article , if you haven’t check it out, Bracing for Habagat 2016 .

  4. Treathyl FOX

    Let’s hope all the people pledging to care for the earth also have a back up plan for those who seem bent on destroying the earth in order to have nuclear weapons. Even without a war, they destroy the planet just “testing”. They can’t be stopped. We need to know what we can do to preserve our quality of life, in spite of them. It’s a horrible thought but I think about it. 🙁

  5. Gina M. Menorca Post author

    A horrible thought indeed, but, a simple person can do so little but, I have to participate in the simplest way that I can. Nuclear testing is big. All I can do is pray and hope that someday one powerful person will take responsibility.@cmoneyspinner

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