My strange dental doctor

How should a doctor’s clinic appear to a patient? How will it appear if whole walls of a doctor’s visiting room are filled with cinema posters and doctor’s photographs receiving certificates and degrees from various educational institutions? Isn’t it bizarre to see smiling doctor’s posters giving interviews to TV channels on a clinic walls and his brief appearances for films?

You might be thinking I am bursting some joke. But not at all! It’s my real life experience. The dentist runs a small clinic in my town and his wife, who is also a dentist, assists him. A talkative person he never leaves an opportunity to display his ‘talents’ including showing face in a few movies, specialties of his new dental clinic in the heart of main town, taking guest classes in foreign countries, and that he has a lot of money. Doesn’t he look funny? Definitely he is, though I often laugh in mind hearing his dialogues. I always feel pity for his wife who has to tolerate him both in clinic and at home, round the clock.

A television is fixed on the wall, and the patients can enjoy some good movies. But the problem is, below the TV, there is one poster – Our smiling doctor and a TV host facing the viewers. It is a screenshot of a TV interview given by our reputed dentist. It’s really funny you know, he send sms to all his acquaintances including my hubby if he is to appear on television for an interview or program. Not only that, he has also made posters of his features appeared on local newspapers, and fixed on doors leading to his consulting room.

He has appeared in a few movies of my regional language, and whole walls are filled by screenshots of all the scenes in which he appeared, with English subtitles, apart from his photos with film stars and directors. We can find similar rich people in villages and rural areas who are less educated, but in towns and cities, a rare phenomenon. Have you ever met such persons in your life? Do feel free to share your experiences.


  1. Sandhya Rani Post author

    Ha ha ha, can you ever find such a dentist in the whole world, which makes one feel, ‘Movie Theatre Look’ within a hospital and that you are in an entertainment world. Actually it’s a nice idea to see movie posters and our smiling doctor’s face to forget tooth pain instantly…. Good therapy

  2. Suny

    I guess you should visit dental clinics in north India and see what I mean. I have heard that male patients never show their emotions in front of lady dental surgeons. (I am one of them)

  3. Gil Camporazo

    For me, he is not a strange dentist. He wants to be in a situation where he is happy and finds that happiness which he couldn’t describe for himself and at the same time not neglecting his dental job.

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