National Cheese Pizza Day is Monday, September 5

On Monday, September 5, many will celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day in the United States. How did National Cheese Pizza Day get started? This does not seem to be a day that everyone has heard about before this month.

Several might claim that National Cheese Pizza Day was their idea. However, according to research online-there really is no one person or group who can truly say they were first to decide this should be a day to celebrate cheese pizza nationally. It seems anyone could say it was their idea at this point.

Cheese pizza seems to be one of the favorite choices in the United States, with pepperoni also being a popular pick for many who eat pizza. Those who do not eat cheese or pepperoni for dietary reasons might want to order theirs with several of their favorite vegetables. No matter how it is ordered, most pizza restaurants will be willing and able to oblige even the pickiest of pizza lovers on National Cheese Pizza Day.

This year National Cheese Pizza Day falls on the day that is also as Labor Day in the United States. The days celebrated together will be fun for some. Those choosing not to have a cookout or a picnic on Labor Day might head for their local pizza restaurant instead. This might be the perfect choice for those working on Labor Day. Most restaurants will be open, even though it is considered a holiday for some.

While some restaurants might offer specials on pizza tomorrow because it is National Cheese Pizza Day, not all will participate. Be sure to check with your local pizza places before thinking a special is available in your area. Even if there are no pizza specials in your area, this might still be a choice that will fit your plans for the day.

Pizza is often considered a main meal by some. With the addition of vegetables and more, this can easily be a complete meal. With the right toppings, pizza can even be considered a very healthy choice for youngsters by fussy parents.

With National Cheese Pizza Day promoting pizza without other toppings, readers might recall that the Greeks are often given credit with the beginning of pizza. It is claimed that early Greeks ate bread with cheese, oils and seasoning and this was considered to be pizza. This might be a disappointment to anyone thinking that someone in Italy came up with the idea of making the first pizza.

For many, any day is a great day to have pizza. Those who enjoy pizza on a regular basis probably won’t need National Cheese Pizza Day as an excuse to order pizza on Monday, September 5.


  1. Vickie Ewell

    I’m one of those “any day is pizza day” folks. In fact, before hubby and I went gluten free, I used to make it every Friday night. Now, not so much. The older I get, the more my system doesn’t appreciate cheese.

    1. Pat Z Anthony Post author

      We make our own pizza without cheese! Also, did you know that Domino’s pizza now has one without gluten? Several things we make at home do not contain gluten. It is just a better way of life for some to avoid cheese, gluten and so much more.

    1. Pat Z Anthony Post author

      The Little Caesar’s here charges extra if someone orders a pizza ‘hold the cheese’ for some reason. Found that a bit odd, but it is their business.

    2. Sandy KS

      I ended ordering from Papa John’s. Since I had earned two free pizza’s. It was free.

  2. Tania K Cowling

    Great idea for Labor Day — I’m tired of the typical BBQ that we have done for all the other summer holidays. It’s pizza today on National Pizza Day.

    1. Pat Z Anthony Post author

      Yes, pizza will be a nice change for those not wanting to do what they usually do.

    1. Pat Z Anthony Post author

      There will probably be pizza specials for the entire month of October-that will be nice for many.

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