National Lipstick Day—Colourpop Cosmetics

Happy Lipsticks day!! How are your day so far? I hope your having a great day, i got caught up and wasnt able to compose the other two brands of lipstick for today’s “holiday” and By the way i heard some people had no idea this day exist. Believe it or not, me neither! I just got an email from Ofra Cosmetics saying enjoy an 10% off their products because its National Lipstick day.


Anyways the second brand of lipsticks i cannot live without is Colourpop, I’m not sure if this brand is well known across the country or in Asia, but this brand is the best for me, its like my everyday lipstick. There have three kinds of liquid lipsticks:

–The Ultra Matte – its matte. Dry on the lips. Doesnt stain. Its not heavy on the lips. Feels like your not wearing them.
–The Ultra Satin – its creamy, one coat is enough, kinda heavy on the lips but feel nothing when it dries.
–The Ultra Metallic – i havent tried those. Im not a fan of metallic or gliterry lipsticks.


They also have lippie stix, its a retractable pencil lipstick, not liquid. And also lip liners.

The shades I recommend are:
•For matte:
Bad habit
•For Satins:

•For lip pencils:

•For lippie stix
Polite society
And Primer of course!




•its only $6 plus Tax, or around 300 Philippine pesos Whatttt??? Heck yeah!
•it doesnt have a scent at all.
•easy to apply, very pigmented. One layer is enough.
•it last long! As in long! Even after meal.
Let me explain that, their ultra matte lippies last even after meal. Ultra satin doesnt.
Ultra matte lippies dries on the lips making it difficult to wipe out(with a napkin when while eating meals) wherein the Ultra Satin Lippies, its kinda creamy but very pigmented too it last longer than Mac, and even after meal if you eat carefully, i eat like a caveman so yeah, i do have to retouch my lipstick if im wearing the ultra satin collection.

•it gets sold out fast! Hehehehehe lol (seriously though!)
•i mentioned the Ultra Matte Collection. Yes its matte, means its dry on the lips. You need to take precautions when using this. Lip primers is a must. And atleast exfoliate your lips 3x a week. Scrubbing—I use vaseline and toothbrush to scrub my lips—your lips helps get rid of the dry skin on your lips leaving it smooth.
•so far i think its only sold online. If interested just look for the Colourpop instagram account.

Alright, i dont wanna make this article too long, i dont wanna bore the readers. And again! Do not support fake products! Its not worth it!


All images are mine.


  1. N Sri Naga Jyothi

    Nice pics, I very rarely use lipstick and I never use any thing for lips I leave it as it is only inthe winter I use butter, apply in the night and sleep. Always better to use home made things rather cosmetics because those carries harmful chemicals (i was told)

    1. Jennifer Louie Post author

      I understand, i always admire those who never put on anything to their face, sometimes i wish i didnt. But I got used to it, and i look pale without colors on my lips 🙁

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