National lipsticks day — Mac Cosmetics

Today is National lipstick day according to the accounts of the make-up people that Im following on Instagram, so today, i will publish three articles, all about reviewing lipsticks. Where to buy them, how much are they. Im a big lipstick junkie, i probably have hundreds of them, i dont know, all I know is i dont buy just one whenever i buy lippies.. But Im very picky of my lipstick though.


So for my first entry, We’ll talk about Mac Cosmetics. I have over two dozens of them, but the last lipstick i bought from Mac was the Viva Glam Ariana lipstick last January 2016. Yes I bought my last lipstick from Mac over six months ago. Im contemplating on whether i’ll stop supporting Mac now or what because, well below are my reasons.



•Mac products are tested on animals. Yes i just recently found out about Mac cosmetic are using animals to test their products, and i think that is cruel.
•It’s pricey. $17 plus Tax for a single lipstick, it’s like your paying for the brand, not the products.
•it doesn’t last long. I used to call my Mac lippies a “one meal lippies” because yes it will last as long as long as you dont eat, everytime, every dang time after i finish eating my meal, my lips are bare naked again.
•if you’re living in the Philippines, Mac is not for you. It cant stand the hot environment, and it will melt. I think. Mine did when i was on vacay in the Ph.



•it doesnt have a strong smell. It’s gem find for me who doesnt like a strong scent on lipstick.
•it doesnt feel heavy on the lips,
•doesnt dry up your lips. Leaves it smoothly
•it’s Mac! Duh! Whatever! 


I have to add some. Mac can be found anywhere, at the mall, and at their website. And PLEASE DO NOT buy fake products, its not worth it. There are alot of fake Macs out there specially online, and in the Philippines. Its easy to spot a fake. The smell, the packaging, the name of the shades and the shape of the lipstick. 



Thats it for now.

Image source: all images are mine. Shot on my iPhone.


  1. Grecy Garcia

    I bought Mac lippy before and I agree, the fake ones are the worst. It leads my lip to discolored, like it has a dark color around it and I hate it.

  2. Jennifer Louie Post author

    @artislee @swalia sorry guys. I dont know about it internationally, maybe its just here in California hehehe i’ll clear more about it on my next article. I said i’ll post three updates today about three lipstick brands.. But i got caught up with the day 🙁 its TGIF here so i’ll try to compose the other two brands later..

    Yes @grecy fakes are not worth it.. There are cheaper brands that are Mac worthy in less that $6 i’ll write about the dupes nextime..

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